Saturday, 28 September 2013

Collective Haul - IMATS & Napoleon Giveaway!

Hey musers,

I have a little confession to make.

I've been accruing (old accountant me coming out lol) quite a bit of beauty products the past few weeks - ever since I went full time. I needed to let it out. And show you guys. Haha. Sharing is caring right? (Giveaway alert!!!)

But before I show you the video, I needed to let something else out.

Seriously.. there are so many scenes I had to edit out of the video because I thought it would irritate you guys too much and make you stop watching. ㅋㅋ
Don't worry - I still love him. He was just particularly clingy that day for some reason. Cooper's actually currently going through what they call bird puberty. It happens from the age of 2 (the terrible twos) to about 4. He's 3.5 years old right now so.. just a few more months left >_<

Anyways, here's my collective makeup haul video, including what I purchased from IMATS which was on Saturday, 20th of September in Sydney. Vlog#11 is coming up soon, featuring my fellow Cleo Mag Beauty Ambassadors (Australia's biggest beauty gurus) Chloe Morello & Lauren Curtis. How can you not love them? They're just so lovely. Also thank you my sweet subbie Shan May once again for the thoughtful card and pressies! I enjoyed shopping with you! =)

Soo much makeup right? o_O And do you guys recall in my Massive Korean Makeup Haul video from when I'd just gotten back from Korea in March, my semi-vow not to buy any makeup in Sydney cos it's just not worth it? Well, I guess perspectives change when one lives in a country for a long time.. hahaha #fail (#oops, #thisainttwitter, #haveyouseenjustintimberlakeshashtagskit, #ifnotviewhere kekeke)

[Seriously though.. do you guys find yourself hashtagging things in random places? That #fail hashtag was genuinely an oops moment. Puhahaha.]

So in regards to the haul, if you would like a blog review on any of the items I mentioned, just leave it as a comment below or on Youtube. I'm more than happy to do so once I finish moving over all my posts from my site.

So now, it's time for...


Giveaway Time!!!

As I said in the video, I've been on a quest to try out heaps of different primers, from all different brands. So far, nothing beats my favourite Mac Matte in terms of application, product quality, smoothing effect and lasting power. Some products leave too much of a wet, sticky feeling, whilst others are so sheer they hardly have any smoothing effect on the skin.

Well Napoleon Perdis, being a preliever (primer+believer - ok that's lame and I just made it up), with his infamous line, 'Not to prime is a crime', has a huge range of primers in his Napoleon Set line. I've been trying them out and think the pre-foundation pore perfecting primer is great. I love how affordable but decent quality this line is.

I have a soft spot for NP Set eyeshadows too - they're so pigmented and inexpensive. In fact, I featured one of his palettes in my first ever Youtube video back in 2011, which was a February Favorites. Hehe. Kudos to any of y'all who've been following me since then!

So anyway, just to reward you guys for being so loyal and faithful (those who avidly follow my social media platforms), I'm giving away three of my Napoleon Set primers.
Here are the details - enlarge to watch:

Make sure to read the entry conditions and details carefully before entering :) Check back on my blog on the 14th of October for the winners announcement.

Good luck!

Love you and hope you've had/are having a wonderful week,

Jen x