Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dailylook Haul & Review

Hey musers,

Have you guys heard of DailyLook, or bought anything from them? I recently did my first lookbook video wearing a few pieces from them.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots from my DailyLook Lookbook Video, wearing a simple and classy structured black dresspeach and gold chunky chain necklace and oversized navy box clutch.

It was actually freezing cold but that's just what beauty bloggers do for the sake of a video! Haha :)
When I first opened my package, I was taken by the quality of the structured black dress. The material is nice and heavy - not light and flimsy - and the seams and little details are well-constructed. It doesn't crease and it sits nicely on the shoulders, falling gorgeously out along the torso without being too tackishly tight, nor unflatteringly loose. It flaired out a little more than I expected it to at the bottom, but I got accustomed to it and after a while, I realised that it was that feature which added a unique cuteness to the dress to make it stand out from other typical 'little black dresses'. 

The bags were quite good too. I used the timeless black bag everyday for work this year whilst teaching full-time, and it held up amazingly. I just love how it looks uber expensive when it wasn't really haha.

And how can I NOT comment on the gooorgeous little infinity ring that I am in love with?! (See video for close up shots - thanks to oppa) The peach and gold chain necklace is also so lovely, I've been wearing it out with lots of different outfits these days. I love how it sits so comfortably around my d├ęcolletage looking all classy and expensive. Mm. <3 The chunkiness adds a touch of 'tough' to softer, more feminine outfits.

In Australian-contextualised standard, oppa and I thought that overall, the quality of DailyLook's stuff is superior to the average Sportsgirl / Just Jeans / Bardot make, and more equivalent to - or slightly better than - Nine West / Zara / Witchery. However, the designs are different/unique to what an Aussie can get from just walking through Westfield.

Have a look through their site, since we did score that international shipping (well done everyone!), and now all who have been dying to buy from DL are free to do so :) I will leave purchase links to all the items I showed you just below.

Love Jen.

The Lookbook Video:


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