Monday, 23 September 2013

My Website / Blog Dilemma


So as you guys know, I have had my own official website and blog for the past few months -

It wasn't powered by a blogger site or anything, and so everything on it was made by me. Everything. Manual adjustments, layout, linking, formatting... you name it! I've literally spent weeks making it.

The reason I chose to make my own website, compared to using a blog-powered site, was actually just to make it more interactive and dynamic for you guys. I even paid loads of money to upgrade certain apps etc to make it best for you to use. It was a lot of work... and honestly I'm not sure if it's paid off because the blog is what is most important. However, what I've learnt is that a non-blogger-powered site is, in one word, frustrating.

I won't go into details as you may not be interested, but to all you future bloggers/website-makers out there, here's my advice based on experience: If you want to start a blog, research a lot before you make your decision on which site to go with! (I went with wix.)

Now I just need your help, because I made this site for you guys and this blog also exists for you!

My current website doesn't really have interactive Popular Features, a Comments section for each page, or even separate URLS for each blog post (which makes it really hard for you to navigate through). It also requires me to pay a fee to blog =/, whereas of course, this site doesn't. On the other hand, I can really update you guys on my entire life and social media platform activity in one go on my very first page, etc.

What do you prefer? My current dilemma / heart-breaking decision is having to delete my entire website as it is now (refer to photos above), and switching what's on my domain to this simple blogger-powered site - to focus on blogs and real interaction between you and me.

So should I keep my current website, or switch over and start again? I will probably move all my existing blogs here, so it'll still be in existence for the record!

Please comment below: 1 or 2?

Love you guys and truly appreciate your support.