Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Decision

It's been a few days and now I've decided.

Thanks to all your input, advice and suggestions from all over my social media platforms (Facebookers, Tweeters, IGers, Youtubers and of course - Bloggers!), I've gathered that most of you love my website for what it is, but prefer the simple and easy to view layout of blog-powered sites. Also, you seem to agree with me that it would be better off for me to go with this blogging platform as I don't need to pay monthly fees or continue with all the complicated formatting of my wix-powered site.

So that's it! Good bye, current (and the hours of work I put into you!).. From now on, I'm sticking to blogger. I will redirect this page to my domain name within a few days, to give everyone a few days to adjust and also to finish my YAYER [my new monthly Facebook-exclusive giveaway], which ends at the end of this month.

I'll be spending the next few days moving all my existing blogposts to here so the links still work for those who come by from my videos. Once I've finished that I will finally have my blog sale up and begin to add regular blog posts - Mani Mondays, Product Reviews, Korean Food, Tutorials... the lot.

You know guys, I can't see who you are, but from the few years that I've had you by my side and have had chances to personally correspond with you, and bump into you on the streets, I know one thing for sure. My subscribers are all such nice people. You guys are seriously amazing and I am soo grateful for every single one of you. And I don't just say that as a repetitive, meaningless beauty-guru-saying.. I guess words couldn't express my genuine heart about it.

I'm so grateful that my subscribers are such kind-hearted, warm people. I feel so blessed to be surrounded and supported by such positive, gentle energy. Thank you from the bottom of my little ♥.

Love Jen x