Thursday, 26 September 2013

Oppa's Birthday Surprise

Hey guys,

So it was oppa's birthday earlier this month, and there were so many events that led up to it.

This year, more than ever, I couldn't make up my mind as to what to get him. It's been 5.5 years since we got married, which means we've been through many years of birthdays and pressies! I completely ran out of ideas and creativity. (Let's not go down the lane of saying I started getting comfy after so many years of marriage haha!)

Now you may or may not know, but oppa is kind of a bit of a guitar freak. Maybe that's an understatement. You guys probably don't know this either, but he owns an online guitar pedal store, called (I helped him name it! Inspired by makeupalley hahaha). Our house is literally clad with makeup, guitars, guitar pedals, guitar pedal boards, more makeup, and then on top of that, my teaching stuff!

Anyway, so in the past, I've bought him mostly guitar-related things. In fact, the very first birthday present I ever bought him - back in 2008 - was this cute little green Ibanez.

Well.. something like that anyway. It was slightly less fleuro, and probably a completely different model altogether, but what do I know!? lol I told you guys I'm bad at remembering numbers, prices and series names! I'm a girl - which means I pretty much only pay attention to the colour puhahaha *recalls car shopping and oppa pointing out that my first question was "What colours are there?"*

This year, as I mentioned in my recent vlog (♥10), I helped him purchase his new guitar obsession: TMG (Taylor McGrath Guitars). Since that was an agreed present which he knew about before his birthday, I also got him this Mont Blanc Legend fragrance as a surprise. I knew he'd run out of his usual fragrance - the Chanel Allure Homme Sport, which he's been using for years and I think is growing out of.

I had my eye on this for a few months and got him to test smell it a few times sneakily here and there, and knew he loved it. I love this fragrance. It smells so sexy and masculine, with a slight heaviness/muskiness that adds a bit of presence. Like I said in the vlog, I recommend for men ages 25 and up who's looking for a bit of a raw, unique trademark scent!

Anyways, so my recent vlog (below) shows the rundown of the lead-up to oppa's birthday this year. I pretty much told him that we would go to MacDonald's from the night before to get him feeling a bit disappointed. (Evil much?) BUUUT of course I'd organised a secret surprise birthday dinner with our church fam-bam at Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour.

(No, MacDonald's - or 'Maccas' as we call it here - is not gourmet and high-class in Australia! Sorry to disappoint. Hahaha your Youtube comments made me laugh!)

Here's a pic of us before heading out! Do you guys like my hair and makeup? I went really Korean-ish that night. Tutorial?

No photoshop - No filters - Us just as we are ;)

It was altogether a great night! Watch to see!

Spoiler: This video also reflects my husband's not-so-gentleman-ship-like-ness. Be warned.

Love Jen x