Monday, 28 October 2013

Mani Monday♥ Blue Hues

Hey musers,

Today's Mani Monday is a seasonal blue look; a reflection of the gorgeous Sydney blue skies and Spring ocean waters!

I decided to go with these two blue manicure picks:
- Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in #360 Barracuda
- One of my OPI Collection faves Liquid Sand in Get Your Number (which I previously reviewed in-depth on my former website/blog).

My nails with Sally Hansen's Complete Care 4-in-1 Nail Treatment as a base and top coat, Sally Hansen's Barracuda and OPI's Get Your Number on my point nail.

Do you guys likey? :)
I've been receiving a lot of comments/compliments on my nails
since colouring them this way.

Product Reviews

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in #360 Barracuda

Opacity: 3/5 - Required 3 good coats to reach full opacity.
Application: 4/5 - The brush is big and rounded, making it easy to cover entire nail and create nice edges. Can be a little streaky, but handle is thick which helps maintain good control of application.
Dry Time: 4/5 - Dries relatively quickly without a fast-dry top coat. Time between coats can be minimal due to this, making it a less fussy product to work with.
Packaging: 4/5 - The thick glass bottle can be a little chunky and heavy. I really like the elastic wrap around the tip of the handle, which provides extra grip and ease of use. The square base can mean it won't fit in a lot of standard nail polish storage grids.
Value for Money: 5/5 - A product worth investing in if you fancy the colour. You get lots of product for a reasonable price. 

OPI Liquid Sand in Get Your Number

Opacity: 4/5 - Requires 2 good coats to reach full opacity and texture.
Application: 4/5 - As with all OPIs, the brush is thin and long, making it a bit fiddly to apply. The square-cut tip also makes the perfection of the edge a little more difficult. However, the formula is easy to work with and is fuss-free. It is rich with the 'liquid sand' texture and mini glitters, so no need to purposefully spread out the particles, as you would typically with glittery nail polishes.
Dry Time: 4/5 - Dries very quickly without a fast-dry top coat. Little time needed between coats.
Packaging: 4/5 - Typical OPI packaging. Brush could be improved, but bottle is sleek and easy to store.
Value for Money: 5/5 - A gorgeous manicure shade that is a must-have for all blue-nail lovers!

Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment

You may or may not remember me talking about this product in my recent Collective Haul video. Here's what it claims to do:

Improve the future of your nails! Advanced technology and high-performance ingredients are combined to deliver the benefits of four nail treatments in one revolutionary formula! 1) Smoothing Base Coat: Ridges and imperfections are instantly smoothed. Patented Okoume extract makes nails grow smoother, less ridged. 2) Bio-Strengthener: Sea Minerals, Plant Extracts & Vitamins restore strength. Weak, fragile nails are protected and reinforced to resist breaks, splits, chips and cracks. 3) Growth Treatment:Triple Protein Complex and Active Botanicals nourish and revitalize nails -Short, problem nails grow longer and stronger. 4) Mega Gloss Top Coat: State-of-the-art micro-technology creates an incredibly durable, scratch-resistant shield of chip-proof protection with breathtaking, high-gloss shine! 
Proven Results: 
-Dramatically stronger, healthy nails in 3 days 
-Visibly longer, smoother nails 
- 30% longer nails in 5 days*
-Incredibly shiny, protected manicure 
- 100% pure shine for up to 10 days
*Nail tip measurement.

(Qutoe from the Sally Hansen website)

So far I am very impressed with this product. It has kept my nails looking picture perfect (as in the photos above) without a single chip or mark for 5 days so far. My nails do look and feel more healthier after using this, as compared to not using a base coat at all with a manicure. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a new nail-treating multi-tasker!

Formula: 5/5 - Low viscosity, making it very easy to work with. Only one coat is enough to leave colour manicures perfectly coated and shiny. I haven't experienced any melting or shrinkage as of yet.
Dry Time: 4/5 - Dries very quickly.
Packaging: 4/5 - Surprisingly sleek square-shaped bottle. The lightweight bottle is a gorgeous aqua colour.
Value for Money: 4/5 - The price is a little steep (AUD$30), but if you purchase it online you can get some really good deals! Here's an eBay store I found that sells it for AU$6.26! At that price I would definitely purchase again.

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week! 

Love Jen xo

What nail polish have YOU got on your nails right now? Post it in the comments below!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mani Monday♥ Sally Hansen 'Peach of Cake'

Hey musers,

Happy Mani Monday! This is my first ever entry for this series, and I've decided to kick start it with a gorgeous new peach shade, since peach pink is my favourite colour hehehe :)

Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in #380 Peach of Cake! It's mouth-wateringly perdddyyy

Here I've simply put 2 coats of the Sally Hansen Peach of Cake - no base coat, not top coat. Just to see how it looks all by itself! It reached full opacity within those two coats, and dried decently quickly too.

Now, if you're a fan of light pastel colours on your talons, I'm pretty sure you will love this shade. It's the perfect pastel coral-peach for this current Spring/Summer season. What I love is that it suits my yellow-toned skin, kind of brightening the overall look of my hands.

Sally Hansen Nail Polishes are available at most drugstores, pharmacies, and if you're in Australia, check Priceline. The Complete Salon Manicures retail in Australia for $14.95.

What do you guys think? What is your current fave nail polish? 

Love Jen xo

Monday, 21 October 2013

Sistar Give It To Me Makeup Tutorial ♥ 씨스타 윤보라 화장법

Hey musers,

I'm on a spree of K-pop music video makeup tutorials! It's so fun to do :) I absolutely love replicating Korean makeup, especially when it's something a bit bold and different.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial with photos of my recent Sistar Give It To Me Makeup ♥ 씨스타 윤보라 화장법 tutorial, and the full list of products used in the video. Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

(Help me choose my next Kpop tutorial by commenting your suggestions below!)

THE TUTORIAL -  Steps, Products and Tools
In order of appearance in video.        P= Product, T= Tool

Step 1
Fill in your eyebrows with a brow powder to make them fuller. Avoid a definitive arch.

P - Yves Saint Laurent Eyebrow Pencil #4
Step 2

Define your eyebrow edges (outer half only).
P - Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel
Step 3
Brush your hairs into place, stroking the front hairs up and back hairs down.

P - Urban Decay Primer Potion
Step 4
Prime your lids, inner corners and below the eyes.

P - Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo 08 Black Moon (white shimmery eyeshadow)
with T - Sigma Eye Shading Brush E55
Step 5
Place the white shimmery eyeshadow over your entire eyelid, inner corners and brow bone.

P - Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo 08 Black Moon (gray/silver eyeshadow)
with T - Sigma Smudge Brush E21
Step 6
Place the gray/silver shimmery eyeshadow over your lids, allowing the white shadow to peep out a little. Blend in well and wing out slightly.

P - Matte Gray-Black Eyeshadow
with T - Sigma Pencil Brush E30
Step 7
Place the darker matte gray/black shadow closer to your lashline, focusing on ends and blend into the light gray. Wing out slightly.

Step 8

Starting from the outer wing, apply black kohl eyeliner to the top and bottom of eyes. Rim waterlines and tightline lashlines. Focus on inner and outer corners to add lift to ends of eyes for a sexy effect.

P - Matte Gray-Black Eyeshadow
with T - Sigma Smudge Brush E21
Step 9

Use a smudge brush to smoke out edges of top eyeliner.

P - Koji Dollywink Black Liquid Eyeliner

Step 10

Define the bottom eyeliner edges and inner and outer corner wings.

T - Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Curl your eyelashes (if necessary).

P - Secret Star Girl Lashes
Step 11

Use lashes that gradually get longer towards the outer eye to add a flirty, soft touch to the bold look. Go back over false lash glue line with the black liquid eyeliner.

P - Daiso Black Mascara
Step 12

Blend your false and real lashes together with a coat of your mascara. Apply to bottom lashes too.

P - Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer (Sand)
with T - Sigma Precision Flat Brush P80
Step 13

Conceal any dark circles under the eyes.

P - Shu Uemura Bronze/Champagne Shimmery Eyeshadow
with T - Sigma Pencil Brush E30
Step 14

Add a shimmery champagne highlight colour to your under eyes to highlight "애교살" (puffy eyes for 3D effect).

P - Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (Light 4 Deauville)
with T - Triangular makeup sponge.
Step 15

Apply 1 layer of foundation with a makeup sponge across entire face. Blend well into hairline and down to the jaw.

P - Nars Deep Throat Blush
with T - Royal & Langnickel SILK Pro Blush Brush C110
Step 16

Add a light pink blush to the apple of your cheeks.

P - Nars Pressed Powder (Light 3 Deauville)
with T - Hakuhodo Finishing Powder Brush S100
Step 17

Dust a light layer of powder to set everything in place.

P - Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #8
Step 18

Complete the look with a barbie pink lipstick.


Additional Info:

Blog Review will be coming for my purple clip ins - stay posted!

  • My awesome purple hair is a result of these clip-ins from Abhair.COUPON CODES:
    • 15% off discount code - Meej15
    • 30% off discount code for Halloween products - COS30
    • Free worldwide shipping - LCOLOR/DCOLOR

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!
What Kpop look would you like me to make my next tutorial on?

Love Jen xo

"I hated being Korean" - My Korean-Australian Story

"Sometimes I hated the fact that I was Korean because I couldn't identify myself with the culture or find it relevant in my life and what surrounded me."

Hey musers,

So as you guys know, I am an Australian-born Korean, which means in terms of culture (language, traditions, music, food... the lot), I grew up with a confusion of both Aussie and Korean. I ate Korean food at home, and Aussie food out. I watched both Aussie tv and Korean dramas. I spoke English to my dad and Korean to my mum. You get the picture.

In terms of language, I went to Korean school on Saturdays, speaking only Korean at home until pre-school (Kindergarten in some countries) then almost completely lost it once I entered primary school. This got so bad and had my parents so concerned that I remember my mum started a gentle 'game' where my sister and I were only allowed to speak Korean with her (to preserve the language), and if either of us spoke English, we received the '꿀밤' punishment - getting finger-flicked on the forehead. [I think it worked for a while, but not for long.] It was supposed to encourage us to keep our Korean language, but perhaps.. JUST perhaps it worked for the opposite - at least for me. (FYI, my sister has perfectly fluent tertiary-level Korean, whilst mine is pretty good but at an elementary level. I really believe it's a personality thing. She always embraced Korean things much better than me.)

Since I didn't really grow up around a huge Korean community though (unlike some of my Aussie-Korean friends who grew up in huge Korean churches, or extended families and local communities), it was pretty hard to sustain this 'Korean-culturing' just from my few hours at home every day after school. Everything else I did was in English.

For example, at school I spoke, wrote, read, thought and communicated in English alone.. I read English books (20 books from the library every fortnightly visit), I just pretty much thought I was Australian.. with this Korean-ness forced upon me by my heritage. Sometimes I hated the fact that I was Korean because I couldn't identify myself with the culture or find it relevant in my life and what surrounded me.

This was particularly exacerbated by any racism that was so prevalent in Australian society during those days. I went to a highly Anglo Catholic primary school. I remember wanting to hide my lunches from my friends sometimes because they would bring 'normal' food, like nutella sandwiches, ham and cheese toasties, pasta etc, whilst my mum mostly packed me things like rice, jabchae, Korean pre-packaged red-bean paste bread, kimbab - 김밥 (sushi without the raw fish) etc. Now that I think back to it, my mum was just being sweet and doing what she thought was good for me - coming straight from Korea where lunch (doshirak - 도시락) is time to pack your kids with energy-rich food.. brown rice, lots of different side dishes (banchan - 반찬). Plus, in Korea this is really appreciated and it's normal for kids to share their food with each other. I guess my mum simply didn't realise the culture was so different in Australia. Of course I never voiced this out to her so she wouldn't have known it either.

Remember this was when I was a little kid. If I had this food NOW, I'm all YUMMM! But in primary school, when you're by yourself in a very different environment and of course you are young trying to fit in and find good friends, it was hard. I remember one time I had kimbab, and the boys (or girls) sitting around me looked at it, pointing and scrunching up their noses, "Is that SEAWEED???""Do you eat raw fish??" "Eww!" It was so embarrassing. It didn't even have raw fish in it!! How mean can kids be right? Hahahaha. So brutally honest.

This makes me also realise how much times have changed. I see all different nationality kids bringing packets of salted dried seaweed for recess snacks now. They munch on it like chips and most don't even realise it's Korean until I tell them. Haha! Koreans don't eat it just out of the packet like that either.. lol so hardcore

It's interesting though because as a primary school teacher even to this day, I can see this still happening on the playground. Not just for asians, but amongst students from all different backgrounds. I've ground it down to the factor that even in our multicultural society, it's just a 'child thing'. When you're young you seem to be much more acutely aware of how 'different' you are from others, or how others are 'different' from you - hence school yard bullying etc. It's pretty bad and my heart kind of breaks when I see anything like that happening when teaching at school and do everything I can do stop students from behaving or thinking in such manner. (Students tease each other about the shade of their skin. Yes. Even now.)

For the teachers: I believe you can change this through effective teaching. If you're a caring teacher who practises inclusivity and holds no subconscious racism inside of your own mentality, you can really make a difference in how children grow up with insecurities versus confidence in their own skin.

ANYWHOS.... Moving on.

It's so funny to reflect back on this because it's sort of all just flooding in as I write about it. I haven't remembered these memories in a long time.

Growing up in high school, when I started to attend one of the largest Korean churches in Sydney (where I later met oppa^^), I began to find myself more surrounded with Korean friends. I realised that these kids might not have grown up with the worries of not belonging etc, as much as me, since most of them had each other at least on the weekends where they could identify with each other as Koreans, and be in a place where that Korean culture really came alive and was relevant.

By this time, my Korean had pretty much disintegrated. I could understand the basics (save the hard vocab), but couldn't string a sentence together properly. Pronunciation was pretty bad too. 2-3 hours on Saturday was simply not enough to sustain one's second language skills. The only thing I was exposed to that was Korean was the food I ate at home, some of the weird Korean dramas my mum and dad watched (I really thought they were lame, acting was bad, stories were so predictable, and my mum pretty much forced me to watch a lot of them with her hahaha), as well as the Korean pop music. THAT, I did not mind. I grew up listening to G.O.D., FINKL, SES, H.O.T. (omg they were so big back then hahaha) and the likes. Anyone identify with?

How things have changed! G.O.D.'s music was so good. I still listen to their songs sometimes. Does anyone remember 거짓말 (lie)? (Woman shrieking "싫어! 싫어!"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

So anyway, when I started going to the Korean church during about Year 8, where there was approximately a 70/30 mix of both Aussie-born Koreans to Korean-born Koreans (thus lots of 'FOBS' who spoke better Korean than English), I started becoming much more Korean in everything I did. I chatted online in Korean, spoke much more, sang Korean Christian songs, read Korean stuff, went out with a Korean 'fob', and even had my own Cyworld - Korea's version of Facebook, before Facebook existed. Naturally, I started liking the Korean view of beauty better too. It was just more suitable for me.

So as you can see, my Korean-Australian upbringing had lots of ups and downs. Lots of internal struggles, lots of self-reflection and search for identity and belonging (feels like a HSC belonging essay).

Now, it seems almost a lifetime later and of course way past the puberty adolescent teenage emo stage, I am proud to say I am a true Aussie-Korean.

Here's my view of it all now:

I have found the balance between being an Australian and a Korean.
I believe I'm intrinsically Australian in the way I relate to and operate in Australian society, but am inherently Korean in the way I relate to and operate in Korean society. I realised many years ago that I don't have to just identify with one in particular, or completely be one and not the other, but approach both of my identities with respect, honour and love for both cultures. Thus, when relating with Koreans I become a Korean. When relating with Australian society I become an Australian.
I sing the Australian national anthem with pride, and teach Australian history to students with a sense of honour and significance in knowing that the next generation will grow up with an appreciation of how our country came about. Note: This ancient land really belongs to Aboriginal Australians, so no one has any right to feel superiority over anyone in the first place. We are all immigrants here!
I sing the Korean national anthem with a sense of love for the country of my ancestors. I acknowledge the Korean way of thinking, even things which are so completely opposite to the Western ways (e.g. daughter in laws, expectations of women etc - perhaps I will do a separate post about that too since it's so little talked about and many still struggle with this).
It took a while, and lots of struggle, but God taught me how to balance this and have peace about it.

So, although my English is definitely 3000% better than my Korean, and I am actually much more Aussie than Korean in pretty much all aspects except for 'beauty-related matters', I can truthfully say I am proud to be both Korean and Australian. Many might not understand the plights I've just shared, as living and growing up as the first generation in a society where you're the minority, is an experience you just can't identify with unless you go through it yourself.

Another thing that makes me perfectly confident in myself, no matter what environment or who I am surrounded by, is that I present myself as just... well, me. I don't present myself to people as a Korean, nor an Australian. I am just who I am. If I'm at work, I am a professional. I present my skills and good workplace attitude, because that's what I'm there for. When I'm a teacher, I am that - a teacher; when I was a student, I was simply that - a student. If you know me in real life, you'll know that I am not afraid to confidently participate in discussions or get involved with things without letting that racism cloud get to me in the least (you guys know what I'm talking about - you can't see it but you can feel it in the air). The only thing your race should affect is in giving you an upper hand in openness, broad-mindedness, and a rich culture to boast about. Having said this, you shouldn't ever need to hide your ethnic background, but seriously - be proud of it.

Be humble, work hard, be professional, be genuine - and others will start to treat you by your standards rather than by the stereotypes of who they think you should be.

Being an Asian in a Western-dominated society can be confronting at times. Sometimes you need to be that extra 5% more brave than others. Sometimes you need to pull out your blind eye to the blatant racism that surrounds you. Above all, just be who you are. Be excellent at what you were born to do. Excel in your talents and present them to society. Show your care and virtues. Stay true to your personality. If you're shy, that's ok. That's who you are so be proud of it!! If you aren't accepted on the basis of your looks, others are missing out and it's their problem. As long as you remain focused and treat people right, you're doing your job without fault. Challenge yourself to greater heights and you will grow in ways that you never thought possible.

In all, I'm just grateful to God for who He made me and where He chose me to be born. And in appreciation of who He created me to be, I'm embracing all of it whole heartedly.

I love Korea and I love Australia. And I'm proud to be from both countries!!

That's my Korean-Australian story.
What's yours? :)

Love Jen

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Goodbye Panda Eyes! Sigma's Extended Wear Eye Liners Review

Hey musers,

Over the past 1-2 years, I've had soo many of you guys asking me whether I knew any good long-wear, zero-smudge pencil eyeliners. Well, please give me the honour by letting me start by simmering it down to the core problem.

panda eyes.
(the makeup-gone-wrong type)

Yep.. that's the one. Right thurr.

Here's my breakdown:

  •  panda eyes, n, 'pan-dah ah-iz'
A makeup crime. The temporary darkening or blackening of the outer eye area resembling the black eye rings of the giant Chinese panda bear, essentially committed by four key culprits:
1. Oily lids, causing innocent eyeliners, mascaras and/or shadows to smear hopelessly over time.
2. Watery eyes
3. Excess crying from fighting with the BF.
4. Usage of eye-makeup products which falsely claim to be smudge-proof, waterproof, long-wear etc whilst in truth being nowhere near it and smearing at the slightest smoodge.

  • smoodge, n, 'sm-oo-j'
Made up word for smear.

  • smear, n, 'sm-ee-ah' (Aussie pronunciation)
Unwanted/unwelcomed smudge.

If there is anyone in the house who has never experienced panda eyes, smoodge, smear, or smudge, please put your hand up because I will come and touch the hem of your clothing to anoint myself with your perfection. Ha ha!

To the rest of my musers, fear not - For today I have a solution to le panda eyes!

...Sigma Beauty's Extended Wear Eye Liners!!
Seriously - it's good stuff.

When I'm confident in a product being good enough to recommend to y'all, I get super excited. I'm sure you've already heard me talk about these many times. (Application shown in my Get Ready With Me Tag, and featured/reviewed in my Recent Beauty Faves, Argan Oil Giveaway & Sydney Meetup Date).

So without further adieu, since you guys already know these were in my monthly faves, let me just share with you all the different shades in the collection (excluding one: Downplay) and which ones I personally like best.

Keep scrolling down because I even have a smudge test video for you guys! (can you feel my love?)


Left to Right:
Enlighten, Balance, Boost, Drift, Declare, Focus, Electrify and Flirt.

These eyeliners come individually ($9), or are sold in 3 kits ($33) - Neutral, Warm and Cool - each including 3 eyeliners with a full-sized Sigma eye brush. [Remember 10% coupon code though! See below.] 

Let me break down the kits for your information~

The Neutral Kit ($33)

Enlighten: A gorgeous shimmery champagne with light-gold flecks.
Balance: A neutral medium-dark brown with fine gold shimmers.
Boost: A rich matte black.

The Warm Kit ($33)

Downplay (which I don't have): A warm shimmery copper brown.
Drift: A warm shimmery gold.
Declare: A warm light plum-purple with hints of mauve.

The Cool Kit ($33)

Focus: A sheer light violet-brown base with an emerald top-layer shine.
Electrify: A vivid violet purple.
Flirt: A true emerald green with subtle light-gold shimmers.

My personal favourites are EnlightenBalanceBoost and Electrify. Out of the kits, my favourite is the Neutral Kit, which also comes with this smudging brush (each kit comes with a different brush).

Electrify (purple) really compliments brown eyes, whilst Boost (black) and Balance (brown) are staples in my kit. They stay well on the waterline. Focus is a little to sheer for me and hardly come out on my yellow-toned skin, although it'd be great for a subtle lower-eyeliner. Drift is also gorgeous for the lower eyeline, or to layer on top of your normal black or brown eyeliner. Boost is seriously opaque. Flirt (emerald) is really beautiful for the lower waterline, or if you have green eyes it would truly highlight them!

 The great thing about all the eyeliners is that they are blendable (if you act quickly) and buildable in opacity, so you don't need to go straight-out with the solid colours on my swatches.

Once you apply these eyeliners, you need to give them around 5-10 seconds to set. If you want to blend them you have a few seconds to hurriedly do it haha. Once they're dry, they are completely smudgeproof! Apart from Enlighten, which does give way a little as the light-gold flecks can move around a little over time, the rest of these seriously don't budge, and for me only come off with an oil-based makeup remover (I use Garnier's 3-in-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover, or my Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil).

To finish off, here's THE SMUDGE TEST.

If you decide to purchase any of these eyeliners, make sure to use the October Discount Code: FALL2013 to receive 10% off your entire purchase! Click to visit the Sigma Beauty Website.

I didn't get paid to make this blog post or review these products. I'm honestly recommending them to you guys!

To be honest, I have recently found another eyeliner that is equally, if not more, smudgeproof and waterproof than these. The Nars' Larger Than Life eyeliners (see my recent huge Nars Haul), but I have a love-hate relationship with those simpy because they literally cost 'an arm and a leg' as oppa puts it hahahaha. Nars eyeliners are $36, whilst Sigma's are USD$9. Seriously lol -_- Something's wrong there. I do really like the skin-coloured one I purchased though - it's good for the waterline to open up the eyes, and Sigma's line doesn't have that colour.

Anyways, let me know in the comments if you've already tried these eyeliners, own some, or plan to own some! Which ones do you have/want?

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Time to say good-bye to panda eyes ;)

Lots of love,
Jen xo

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Guilty. Huge Haul - NARS, STILA & DRUGSTORE

This blogpost is in response to your twitter and facebook responses to my question:
"Would you guys want to see a quick blogpost of my recent Nars & Priceline Drugstore Makeup Haul?" Thanks for your input sweeties.

Hey musers!!

I recently went to Becca Cosmetica and bought a few things.

Just a few.... haha

I've wanted the Nars Sheer Glow for quite some time (years in fact), but I did test it a few times here and there, and whenever I wanted it I always decided $99 was just too much when I was already happy with my holy grail foundations (I'm going to give you guys a few seconds to guess and see if you know what they are!)..



(how well do you know me?) puhaha


... MUFE HD and Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Foundations. Let me know in the comments if you got them right! Haha

So actually this wasn't a spontaneous shopping trip, but something I planned beforehand. I saved up and made a mental list of things to purchase from Nars (and perhaps Stila). Well, if I'd known earlier that Nars had recently reviewed their prices I would probably have done this earlier!

I was actually trying to decide between Nars SG or the Hourglass foundation, since Rae onni (Raeview) always raves about it! I went for SG in the end.

Here's what I purchased from Becca:

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville (Light 4)
Nars Powder Foundation in Deauville (Light 3)
Nars 'At First Sight' Eye & Cheek Palette
Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer (y'all know I'm in love with primers)
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black
Prices below.

Left to Right:
Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte ($38)
Steep price, right? The product is great, but would I pay near $40 for this again?
We'll see..
Nars Powder Foundation in Deauville ($65)
I fell for the silky texture of this powder. It reminded me of my
all-time favourite powder (Korean brand called SEP) which I've run out of
and can't buy again as I purchased it via home-shopping whilst in Korea haha.
Guys, this powder is gold. Will review if requested.
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville ($68)
It's already got finger marks on the lid! :/
Can't imagine how gross it will look after a few uses haha.

Nars 'At First Sight' Eye & Cheek Palette ($94)
Includes Deep Throat (blush), Laguna (bronzer) and four eyeshadows.
If you want I will do a full blog review on this limited edition palette!
Leave your requests below.

Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer ($52)
I loved how this went on and dried in a smoothing matte finish.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black ($32)
This is a super long-wear intense liner in the form of a flexible pen
(my favourite liner application type).
Maybe I will do a comparison review video between this
and my two other faves (Dolly Wink & Clio Kill Black).

I also made a really quick trip to Priceline to check out what's new. Oppa had to drop off his guitar somewhere in Alexandria so he ducked out for a few minutes whilst I browsed around. I'm SO glad I did.. because

I discovered theseeee!! Omfj.. Oh my freaking jellybums. Gals, you NEED to check these out.

Sunday's Instagram Post

Rimmel's new Apocalips Lip Lacquers. They are ahmaze. I think these are going to sell out pretty fast so if you like any of these shades (7 altogether), try to get in quick. In Australia they sell for $15 each.

Yup.. Twas good enuff for me to share it on IG, Twitter AND Facebook. I don't do that for just anything!

They are super pigmented, creamy - kinda jelly textured - glide on fast and smooth, and I love the applicator wand. Unlike the typical cylindrical or brush-type gloss wands, which I dislike as the surface area is so limited and you end up sliding the product around your lips (a problem even for me with my tiny lips lol), the applicator is like a cylindrical wand that's been cut diagonally so the surface is an almost flat triangular spatula-like shape. Full review?

The bottom middle one reminded me of two of my old-time favourite nude lip glosses from MAC - Florabundance and Boy Bait. I stopped buying because I didn't like how thick/sticky they were. HOWEVER, this bad boy (ie apocalips lol) isn't sticky. LOVE. Applies wet, and is tame enough to sit nicely and not have tonnes of hairs stick on and make you look like a mad woman. A little bit of transfer (I had to use the pull-out-your-finger technique to make sure it didn't smear on my teeth esp with the brighter shades) but once settled it stayed put on my lips for at least an hour or two. Pretty good right?! Even oppa complimented my lips later. (biiig smiiiiiles ^____^ haha)

If I wanted, I would have purchased more, but no. I'm not that bad hehehe.
I decided on just one - Phenomenon 100 (the nude shade). How surprising of me.

Anyway, enough raving.. check them out guys, if you can, and if you love bright, pigmented lip products. The two right shades (reference my hand swatches) are next in line for me.

UPDATE~!!! 16th October 2013
Guys.. I am sad to say that after wearing my Phenomenon all day today, my lips were peeling pretty bad by the end of the day. I had to keep biting my lips because they were peeling so much. I hardly get this problem but I'm afraid my particular shade in the Apocalips did cause this! =( How sad! I am wondering if this will be the same problem across all the different shades, that is whether it's in the formula or just the nude shade in particular? Let me know if you own another one if this has happened to you. 

So I checked out of Priceline with these products. Pretty self-explanatory I think! :)

The only bummer for my shopping day was that the SA gave me an already-opened and used tube of Phenomenon. I hadn't been able to find a new one so I'd asked her if there were any, and she handed me this one. HOW COULD SHE DOOO THISSS... hahahaha I was actually really sad when I found out later at home T____T Oh well.. it's my fault for not checking properly before buying. (I trusted her~)

Ceebs going back to exchange. Hmm.

Have you guys tried any of the Apocalips Lip Lacquers? What are your fave shades?
Also... have you ever bought an opened makeup item before? Were any of you as lazy (/busy kaka) as me to just use it? lol :(

I hope you enjoyed this 'quick' haul post! loll... What is with me and making my blogposts so long!?

Guys, I will finish on a little personal note. I've only started properly blogging for a few months - and on this blog only 1.5, but I'm noticing none of you really comment! I blog to keep in more personal contact with you than my Youtube - so please... don't be scared/shy.. talk to me~!  :) hehehe

Leave me feedback, requests, comments.. and feel free to ask me questions! I am much more likely to answer here than on my videos, as I don't tend to check all my video comments all the time.

P.S. A few items still left on my Blogsale 1 and Blogsale 2, and for more hauls - oppa and my clothes/shoes shopping haul on our recent visits to Bondi and Bronte Beaches (click to read).

Love you all.

Hugs & kisses