Monday, 14 October 2013

Bondi and Bronte Beach Dates + Shopping Hauls

Hey guys!

If you're following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you might know that I've been going to the beach quite a lot these days. Sydney is known for our beautiful beaches, and I'm sure you have at least have heard of Bondi Beach or Manly (fyi Bondi is actually pronounced 'bond-eye', not 'bond-ee').

Last Saturday - pretty much our only date day of the week - we headed to Bondi. It was a beautiful sunny day but unfortunately it was really really windy, so we stayed off the sand and looked around shops instead.

I've recently been searching for a comfortable pair of sandals/thongs, and after a bit of a browse, I bought these gorgeous brown leather ones from Museum for $99. Loveeee them!! Been wearing them a lot the past few days. It's just great for casual, low-key days. I can't seem to find them on the site though.. they must still be working on their online shop.

You'll see me wearing these in outfit posts. Keep scrolling down~
On my toes: Butter London 'Primrose Hill Picnic' -
Mani Monday begins next week!!

I also bought oppa these two long-sleeve tops from The Academy Brand (an Aussie brand). They were on sale and both fit him really well! It's approaching Summer in Australia but we are currently preparing for something so need a few more Winter-ish clothes. [Announcement to come soon... :)]
The denim layer jacket was $90 -> $50 and blue hoodie was $70 -> $40.

Anywho's, that was LAST Saturday.

THIS Saturday, we headed to Bronte - a more low-key, local kind of beach which is known for it's closed-off, family atmosphere, beautiful deep-set park with tall pine trees and a gorgeous cliff walkway. Many of the beaches on Sydney's east coast are somehow linked in one great walk, (Coogee to Bondi etc) and oppa and I still haven't done the whole walk yet. One day!!!

Here are a few pics of the day, including a cute random flower ring oppa made me. Apologies if any of the images are pixelated - these were taken on my phone. (Samsung Galaxy S3 - still pretty good quality for a phone don't ya think?)

Enjoy =)

Picturesque Bronte walk down to the beach

Gorgeous flowers on the hill tops!

This ice cream was THE BOMB! The nose is bubblegum - not amazing, but the ice cream was so NOM.

My Outfit of the Day!
Sportsgirl top, Sass and Bide denim shorts,
Museum sandals (yes the ones I bought from Bondi)
and my customised Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag.

Spot Jen & Will! Kekeke

Thank you God for such a gorgeous day! I want to to be there right now..

If you follow my Instagram, I have a video to sum up my day. Go check it!
Also, you'll see how I posted up what my current fave all-over beach sunscreen is.
Review coming on this Neutrogena Beach-Defence Water + Sun Barrier Lotion Sunscreen!

Instagram Post from Sat - Follow me if you aren't already!

Stay posted :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekends lovelies.


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