Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Goodbye Panda Eyes! Sigma's Extended Wear Eye Liners Review

Hey musers,

Over the past 1-2 years, I've had soo many of you guys asking me whether I knew any good long-wear, zero-smudge pencil eyeliners. Well, please give me the honour by letting me start by simmering it down to the core problem.

panda eyes.
(the makeup-gone-wrong type)

Yep.. that's the one. Right thurr.

Here's my breakdown:

  •  panda eyes, n, 'pan-dah ah-iz'
A makeup crime. The temporary darkening or blackening of the outer eye area resembling the black eye rings of the giant Chinese panda bear, essentially committed by four key culprits:
1. Oily lids, causing innocent eyeliners, mascaras and/or shadows to smear hopelessly over time.
2. Watery eyes
3. Excess crying from fighting with the BF.
4. Usage of eye-makeup products which falsely claim to be smudge-proof, waterproof, long-wear etc whilst in truth being nowhere near it and smearing at the slightest smoodge.

  • smoodge, n, 'sm-oo-j'
Made up word for smear.

  • smear, n, 'sm-ee-ah' (Aussie pronunciation)
Unwanted/unwelcomed smudge.

If there is anyone in the house who has never experienced panda eyes, smoodge, smear, or smudge, please put your hand up because I will come and touch the hem of your clothing to anoint myself with your perfection. Ha ha!

To the rest of my musers, fear not - For today I have a solution to le panda eyes!

...Sigma Beauty's Extended Wear Eye Liners!!
Seriously - it's good stuff.

When I'm confident in a product being good enough to recommend to y'all, I get super excited. I'm sure you've already heard me talk about these many times. (Application shown in my Get Ready With Me Tag, and featured/reviewed in my Recent Beauty Faves, Argan Oil Giveaway & Sydney Meetup Date).

So without further adieu, since you guys already know these were in my monthly faves, let me just share with you all the different shades in the collection (excluding one: Downplay) and which ones I personally like best.

Keep scrolling down because I even have a smudge test video for you guys! (can you feel my love?)


Left to Right:
Enlighten, Balance, Boost, Drift, Declare, Focus, Electrify and Flirt.

These eyeliners come individually ($9), or are sold in 3 kits ($33) - Neutral, Warm and Cool - each including 3 eyeliners with a full-sized Sigma eye brush. [Remember 10% coupon code though! See below.] 

Let me break down the kits for your information~

The Neutral Kit ($33)

Enlighten: A gorgeous shimmery champagne with light-gold flecks.
Balance: A neutral medium-dark brown with fine gold shimmers.
Boost: A rich matte black.

The Warm Kit ($33)

Downplay (which I don't have): A warm shimmery copper brown.
Drift: A warm shimmery gold.
Declare: A warm light plum-purple with hints of mauve.

The Cool Kit ($33)

Focus: A sheer light violet-brown base with an emerald top-layer shine.
Electrify: A vivid violet purple.
Flirt: A true emerald green with subtle light-gold shimmers.

My personal favourites are EnlightenBalanceBoost and Electrify. Out of the kits, my favourite is the Neutral Kit, which also comes with this smudging brush (each kit comes with a different brush).

Electrify (purple) really compliments brown eyes, whilst Boost (black) and Balance (brown) are staples in my kit. They stay well on the waterline. Focus is a little to sheer for me and hardly come out on my yellow-toned skin, although it'd be great for a subtle lower-eyeliner. Drift is also gorgeous for the lower eyeline, or to layer on top of your normal black or brown eyeliner. Boost is seriously opaque. Flirt (emerald) is really beautiful for the lower waterline, or if you have green eyes it would truly highlight them!

 The great thing about all the eyeliners is that they are blendable (if you act quickly) and buildable in opacity, so you don't need to go straight-out with the solid colours on my swatches.

Once you apply these eyeliners, you need to give them around 5-10 seconds to set. If you want to blend them you have a few seconds to hurriedly do it haha. Once they're dry, they are completely smudgeproof! Apart from Enlighten, which does give way a little as the light-gold flecks can move around a little over time, the rest of these seriously don't budge, and for me only come off with an oil-based makeup remover (I use Garnier's 3-in-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover, or my Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil).

To finish off, here's THE SMUDGE TEST.

If you decide to purchase any of these eyeliners, make sure to use the October Discount Code: FALL2013 to receive 10% off your entire purchase! Click to visit the Sigma Beauty Website.

I didn't get paid to make this blog post or review these products. I'm honestly recommending them to you guys!

To be honest, I have recently found another eyeliner that is equally, if not more, smudgeproof and waterproof than these. The Nars' Larger Than Life eyeliners (see my recent huge Nars Haul), but I have a love-hate relationship with those simpy because they literally cost 'an arm and a leg' as oppa puts it hahahaha. Nars eyeliners are $36, whilst Sigma's are USD$9. Seriously lol -_- Something's wrong there. I do really like the skin-coloured one I purchased though - it's good for the waterline to open up the eyes, and Sigma's line doesn't have that colour.

Anyways, let me know in the comments if you've already tried these eyeliners, own some, or plan to own some! Which ones do you have/want?

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Time to say good-bye to panda eyes ;)

Lots of love,
Jen xo