Wednesday, 2 October 2013


So my blog's been pretty quiet since my last Napoleon Set Primers giveaway post. Also... did you notice that this blog has now been REDIRECTED?! *yaayayyy* You can now get here from my domain URL: (Good bye, old website!)

Simple and easy, right? Promise that you'll visit more often! keke pretty please with a cherry on top? ^___^

Anyways, I honestly have sooo much to do here I don't know where to start! Haha. Do you guys know that feeling? =/ Let's listen to the advice I usually give to others lol - take it one step at a time.

I have so many products waiting to be reviewed, my blog sale still to go up, and a few old blogposts I still couldn't transfer over from my previous blog. I've also been trialling out Clean & Clear's new pimple treatment skincare range called 'advantage'. Have any of you guys heard of it? Full testimonial with daily progress pictures to come in a few days! Can you believe that I haven't been using my own skincare routine for 5 days? I miss it so much! My skin is dying. lol

I've been busy working on my Youtube channel videos. Have you seen my two recent videos, which went up yesterday? :)

My first of my new OOTD Series: 2 MIN OOTD
Denim Vest is from Swank & Haight - only $36!
The quality is amazeballs for the price.

♥ Would You Rather Tag!! 
Would you eat poo for a million dollars?

Prior to this video going up, my poll (on the right) was
being led by The Accent Challenge. Now the Blindfolded Makeup Challenge
is winning by far! You guys really listened to oppa hahaha!

Hope you enjoy them!

I'm going to film a makeup tutorial - do you guys have any requests? Wearable, prom, KPOP inspired? Leave it in the comments below!

Love Jen xo

P.S. Apparently oppa looks like 최자 o_O He looks like an ajoshi! Hahaha. And apparently I look like Soyou from Sistar. I think I've heard people say that on my Youtube videos over 100 times now! Do you really think so?