Friday, 8 November 2013

Behind-the-scenes! Sommin a lil fishy ;)

Hey musers,

So last night I filmed two videos.. yes TWO ;) Am I proud of myself? ohhhh yeah ^___^

Anywhos, thought I might post up a few not-so-professional looking photobooth selfies of the behind-the-scenes even before the videos go up! (An extremely belated October Favourites that you guys said was "never too late" for, and a Clio Peripera Wonder Lipsticks and Glosses Haul, Review and Swatches video! Really excited to show you guys this one!!)

Something was wrong with me and I was ultra hyper all day yesterday and I went into a little semi-cosplay-dressup-poser mode when the 3-2-1s went off.. so expect a little weirdness. :P

Notice anything fishy??? ;) ;)

Did you figure out what was fishy? You guessed right if you were thinking...

My bangs! They're clip ons. If you look closely they're slightly different colour to my real hair. Hehehe.

Videos will be up ASAP! Hope y'all having a greatttt week! It's FRIDAY~! ^___^
See you soon,
Love Jen xox