Sunday, 10 November 2013

Meej Muses┅ You Were Made For Greatness

Whether we are rich or poor, big or small, 'unknown' or famous.. we all have our good and bad days. It's called being human.

I know that some of you reading might not believe in God but I still wanted to share this little post because I believe it's something that is applicable to everyone.. This quote comes from a Christian place - believing God who created us, loves us, cares for us, and wants us to prosper; to be the head and not the tail, to be blessed in our coming and going in order that we be a blessing to others.

Have you ever thought about what life would be like where there is no hope for a better future? Even when we've had the crappiest day, the reason we keep going is because there's tomorrow. Because tomorrow might bring something better than today. Something greater.
If you think about it, this is really what keeps our world turning. Just take a look at where humans have come from and where we are now. Haha.

So now here's a little muse from me to you..

If you're doubting or in a place of frailty. If you're feeling small or insignificant, or have failed at something recently that made you start comparing yourself with others around you.. If you haven't had a breakthrough in a certain area of your life, and you're starting to lose the strength to keep staying positive in your situation...  Just remember this one, beautiful word.


Have faith for greater things in your future. Where you are now does not define what lies ahead of you.

You might think I'm weird.. but I'm just going to be honest with you guys here.

As someone who has a personal relationship with God, one of the questions (or many questions, since the English language just can't express this concept in one sentence) I have always asked Him, ever since I realised He was real was this..

"Why did you make me? What was the reason you created me?
What were you thinking, God, when you were designing me?" 

Have you ever thought this before? Well. God is funny. He shows me little bit by little bit.. because that's the way God likes to work :) Everything in this world has small beginnings, but it grows into something you couldn't have even imagined by looking at how it started - unless you already saw the end picture somewhere of course. A small seed grows gradually, but eventually becomes a huge shade-giving tree. A tiny tiny egg (invisible to the naked eye), after 9 full months in the womb, becomes a healthy, rosy-cheeked baby.. who also keeps growing and growing for 90 years into a wrinkly white-haired granny/grandpa. Would you have imagined the end result by seeing the cute little round egg?

Regardless of this lack of vision into our futures, here's something I know for sure, which makes that 90 year journey even more exciting.. more thrilling.. more beautiful than ever. Try to wrap your heads around it.

You have no idea what God had in mind when He was creating and designing you. Not the slightest clue.. Even in your wildest dreams you wouldn't have even come close to knowing it.You have a specific DNA that exists nowhere else, anywhere in this universe, or has ever existed. You are not a coincidence. You have a unique fingerprint, one you need to consider and discover. What you were made for is imprinted inside of you - a destiny that needs to be uncovered - by the language and application of faith and hope. And what's more important: don't let anyone or anything else tell you that you were made for anything less than greatness. What the world tells you - to become rich, to be wanted, to have a title - is NOT the be all and end all. No... 'success' is much more than that.

I sincerely hope that every single one of you - including me - will rise up with this language of faith and hope: not giving up but pressing on, persevering, enduring and enjoying the journey along the way! I pray that you will realise how precious your life is, and how valuable and unique you are. You have something to offer to the world that noone else has. How can life possibly be worth living without this knowledge? Those people we hear of, who left a legacy before they passed - the names written in the halls of history never to be forgotten - knew this mystery.. and was wise enough to try to figure it out. I like to think they were obsessed with it. I guess that's really the only natural reaction to realising what you were born to do. Perhaps this is the definition of true success.

You might have a different view about all of this from me, and that's fine - I'm not here to force anything onto anyone. I'm simply sharing my thoughts here to get you thinking <3

We only live once.. so why not give it our all? I don't know about you, but I want to die knowing that I have poured out everything that I have and given it my all.

I hope this has made you start to think today :) Even if you don't believe in yourself, know that someone else does.

Love Jen