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Peripera Wonder Lipsticks and Glosses Swatches & Review

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So I'm sure most of you have seen my EyeAmore Peripera Haul, Review & Lip Swatches video from last week. Or, at least, you've seen my behind-the-scenes blogpost of my photobooth selfies! lol well I thought it would be good to upload swatches for each of the products so you guys could see close up still photos to choose what you like for yourselves :)

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If you haven't seen the video, here it is:

Now if you're not so familiar with the Korean Makeup Brand Peripera, they are owned by Clio Professional - another Korean makeup brand whose beauty ambassador is Lee Hyori. Clio has so many items that are my holy grail makeup faves, and Peripera's Cake Eyebrow Palette is also one of my eyebrow powder loves! So naturally I was drawn to these lippies:

I'll go through them one by one with my lip swatches for you.

Wonder of Lips Lipsticks

Starting off with Peripera's Wonder of Lips Lipsticks ($11.95, but don't forget the 20% off code above). I love their packaging - light, sleek and good quality. They don't feel cheap in the least, and the geometric design on the lids add a sort of 70s pop feel. The lipsticks themselves are of good-medium pigmentation - they can be worn sheer but are very buildable to full opacity. They have no fragrance or taste (a big plus in my books!). They don't make my lips peel or even highlight any chapped areas - they actually moisturise nicely and leave the lips looking plumper and smooth.

The colours? Just gorgeous. The pictures speak for themselves:

Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick in #2 Wonder Orange /
페리페라 원더 립스틱 #2 원더오랜지

#2 Wonder Orange 원더 오랜지

Isn't it gorgeous? It's an almost nude peach/pink/coral shade.

Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick in #4 Soft Pink /
페리페라 원더 립스틱 #4 소프트 핑크

 A beautiful, glossy, classic, wearable soft pink.

Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick in #6 Cherry Star /
페리페라 원더 립스틱 #6 채리 스타

#6 Cherry Star 채리 스타

A shade that reminds me of cherry lip tints/stains. It gives you that just-bitten, healthy look. Very pretty.

Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick in #7 Spring Pink /
페리페라 원더 립스틱 #7 스프링 핑크 

#7 Spring Pink 스프링 핑크
One of my faves from the lot because it brightens my skin tone and the shade is just so flattering. It has elements of mauve. Very princess-y. You might not be able to tell the difference between this one and the Soft Pink, but it's just slightly more nude and leans more towards violet. This one has a slightly more matte finish too, which is possibly why I like this one so much. So hard to describe! >_< haha *pats own back*

Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick in #15 Peach Gold /
페리페라 원더 립스틱 #15 피치 골드 

#15 Peach Gold 피치 골드

Peach-gold is the only way to describe this colour. This is the warmest of the 5 shades. It's a brilliant rich peach shade with gold hues (tiny tiny micro shimmers).

Wonder Kiss Lip Glosses

Now for the glosses. First off, I love the packaging. They are really well built, and have a sexy semi hour-glass design. The handle is big for ease of use, and the applicator is bent which makes it easier to apply, especially in the corners. They come with SO MUCH PRODUCT, I really don't know how I'm going to finish them lol! My lips are so tiny so I hardly ever finish lip products anyway. The colours are more on the sheer side, with the focus more on tinting and the beautiful micro shimmers. However, they are very buildable. The formula is a teensy bit sticky - the only downside since it's the type of gloss where it fishes for your hair when the wind blows - but if you don't mind that you will love these! (What glosses don't do that I guess.) Must mention that these have a very faint candy scent to them - nothing overpowering. One thing for sure, these babies leave your smackers shiny as ever! hehe

Here are the three that I got:

Peripera Wonder Kiss Gloss in #22 Angel Orange /
페리페라 원더 키스 글로스 #22 엔젤 오랜지

A peach/pink orange gloss that coats your lips (or anything you're wearing underneath it) with a healthy orange hue and unbeatable shine. haha

Peripera Wonder Kiss Gloss in #25 Glow Orange /
페리페라 원더 키스 글로스 #25 글로우 오랜지

A rich, glowing orange with very fine shimmers which make the lip gloss look 'alive' on your lips (almost reminds me of embers in a fire). An almost sunburnt, toasty shade! This would be great for evenings out.

Peripera Wonder Kiss Gloss in #32 Snowy Violet /
페리페라 원더 키스 글로스 #32 스노위 바이올렛

A really princessy light violet formula with delicate silver, turquoise and gold microshimmers throughout.

Overall, I love the lipsticks more than the glosses simply because I'm not normally a gloss girl, but if you are I know you will still really like it, so I do recommend this Wonder line!

If you're purchasing:
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More makeup reviews to come,

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