Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Skincare Products Without the Harsh Chemicals: Neutrogena Naturals ✓

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I'm the type of person who gets almost consumed by an idea or concept if I find something I love, am interested in, or am passionate about. I research into it like crazy, spend hours and hours reading and looking into it, gathering info, then share it out to those I love like no other. If you're into the 16 personalities thingamajig, you'll know what I'm talking about since I'm an INFP. lol! (If you want to know more about me, read about my personality type here)

So recently I've been becoming really aware of the dangers that we live with on a daily basis - the things that go into our foods (pesticides, GMOs), our water, our drinks, junk food, and of course, our skincare products.. just to name a few.
I'm not all crazy up the alley of knowing every single scientific name of petrochemicals, dyes and sulfates that typically go into skincare and makeup products - yet - but I do intend on finding out more. And I can't claim to know everything either - no one can - but I don't think it should stop us from being afraid to go after what's right. There will always be experts but not everyone can be one. Awareness is where we start. I also truly believe that knowledge is power. Hence, when I discover things, I feel like I've been so ignorant for living blissfully without any understanding of the things I've been compromising that's bad not only for my health and well being but for those around me too.

In a smaller more timid voice, I also feel really bad to my mum, because most of the things I find out later in life were stuff she had been telling me about ever since I was in her tummy. Hahaha. Which of course I mostly waved off as her being a paranoid asian mum. Girls, listen to yo mummas!! ㅋㅋ*speaking to myself too*

Anyways, one of the things my mum always, always, ALWAYS told me about was to use natural makeup products. She always advocated a brand called NUSKIN which is one of those non-traditional-advertising companies that work through the power of personal recommendation and person-to-person sales. It's actually a really wonderful company for those looking for something that is 100% natural. Their makeup products are so natural that they are edible. Sounds weird right? I love their products, but they just don't have enough range of things to cater for what I need as a makeup enthusiast and freelance artist (e.g. the makeup remover is so natural and gentle but doesn't take off my stubborn waterproof makeup).

So as I've been getting more and more into this stuff, I was really interested when I heard of the new line that Neutrogena was coming out with, called Neutrogena Naturals.

On the packaging of each of the products, it states "NO harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, pthalates". The products are also hypo allergenic and all claim to be gentle on the skin "without stripping the skin's natural moisture". If you look at the ingredients, they state the chemicals then on the right are the sources: e.g. water - purified water, glyceryl oleate - vegetable etc.

I can't lie to you. I've really been enjoying these products, especially the face and body bar (which includes avocado and olive oil) and the facial cleansers. They really are gentle, plus they smell insanely nice - warm and soft, like cinnamon and apple soy candles.

I would actually highly recommend these products to anyone who is looking for a natural, more skin-loving range of products. They have a whole lot of goodness for the skin which I probably haven't listed, but just knowing that they don't contain the harsh chemical sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals that most (even high-end) makeup companies do in their skin products is enough to make one feel more secure in using it. After all, in the end we are putting it on our skin at the end of the day, and we all know that whatever goes on our skin, goes in our skin and into our blood stream - eventually.

Hope this is a helpful post to any natural product lovers out there, or even to those who've never thought of it and will now start thinking more about the kind of makeup you use!

The Neutrogena naturals line is available from pharmacies (drugstores), chemists, Woolworths (Australia) and all major outlets that stock Neutrogena products.

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