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My Favourite Sigma Brushes ♥

Don't own any Sigma brushes or don't know where to start? Hopefully I can help you here! 

Sigma Website
Hey musers!

Half of my brush collection is Sigma's. I really love their brushes (tbh so much better than Mac which is also more expensive). They last long, are reliable and good build and quality. (Click to go to the Sigma Website)

Here I'll be recommending the brushes that I think are the basic staples in any makeup lover's beginning collections. I'll also think of the more experienced brush musers and add a few professional brushes and quality kits that I think are amazing and you should definitely be considering trying.

Small (eye, concealer, lip) brushes first, then big (face) brushes. Let's start! ^___^*


This is my favourite horizontal application eyeliner brush ever. It's really precise and it has the best thickness/width for the perfect eyeliner, whilst it tapers out nicely at the end for winging or flicking the liner. I personally own 3 of these - 1 for my professional kit, 1 for my home brush kit and 1 in the mini size to carry around with me daily for gel liner touchups ;)
Also available in 18K Gold ($15) or Copper ($14) - really pretty!

There's really not much to say for this brush. It's a great blending brush, full stop. Suitable for all eye shapes. Soft, brush is sturdy, hairs don't fall out. I own some other brand blending brushes and I only reach for this one. The hairs don't splay out as much as MAC's 217 does after using, washing and drying multiple times. I want to get one in the 18K Gold or Copper version cos it's so gorgeouss~
Normal Price (USD): $12
Also available in 18K Gold ($15) or Copper ($14)

This is a classic, versatile pencil brush. It's perfect for highlighting the inner corners, or applying contour to the precise outer-v before blending it out with the E25. It's really great quality. None of the hairs have ever fallen out for me. I love the Hakuhodo pencil brush too, which is softer than this, but the handle, sturdiness and quality of Sigma's one beats the Hakuhodo by far. It's a much better longer-term investment. 
Normal Price (USD): $12
Also available in 18K Gold ($15) or Copper ($14)

Just looking at this brush makes me happy. Hahaha! It just makes me want to reach out, grab it and poke my outer v with it to see how it feels and fits. Well let me say it fits... and it fits beautifully. It's amazing for creating a smokey outer corner, or even to create a pretty defined triangular edge to your shadows completed by a statement straight eyeliner wing, the trademark Kpop makeup style.

This is my must-have brush for applying gel eyeliner to the upper waterline, tight-lining or normal lining. It makes the application so much easier, faster and gives you more control. It also gives you a better, cleaner finished look. Some angled liner brushes can be a little rough, but what I love is that this brush isn't prickly at all. It's also nice and thin - the bristles are gathered together so it doesn't splay for a sharp and neat result. You could also use it for your brows. Highly recommended if you are still building up your skill in winging your eyeliner. This will be a lifesaver for you.

Out of my whole kit, this is my official favourite concealer brush. Something to do with its shape (flat with round edge and longish middle), density (thick towards ferrule but tapers out laterally towards end), hair type (synthetic) and firmness (firm but tapered end makes it flexible) really makes it quite excellent for blending concealer in beautifully without streaking or sliding the product around. Even though it's not tiny, it's really good for spot concealing. I find the tinier spot concealer brushes are actually not as effective compared to a good bigger concealer brush, because you still need to blend out the edges of the concealer into your skin around the trouble to make it look natural. Using your fingers can erase the concealer, but using a larger-surfaced brush like this is just best IMHO. 
Without raving about it more, the Normal Price is $12.
Also available in 18K Gold ($15) or Copper ($14)

Even if you have small eyes, you still need a 'large' flat shader brush like this. It saves time by evenly applying your base colour all over the eyelid with the large amount of space covered with each stroke. Simply place on your eye holding the brush horizontally, and slide it across a few cm. Done. Haha.

I wasn't going to put this one in since you can get something like this for free on the end of most cheap brow pencils, or with drugstore palettes. I think it's important to have an official brush that is good quality though and has been built to last a long time. You must use one of these to achieve that perfectly groomed brow.


If you don't have one of these in your life.. YOU NEED ONE NOW. 
I needn't do any explaining for this. There's a reason everyone raves about this brush. You just need to get your hands on one and see how this will change your foundation application life. So smooth, streak free, easy, quick, ahmazing. I like this one better than the F80 flat top kabuki ($21) many people talk about. I think it does everything that brush does and more.

A must-have stippling brush with duo fibres to achieve that air-brushed finish. 
I use this when I need to cover an area/face as quickly as possible. Dab dab dab, then blend blend blend.

Beware: This all over powder brush is so huge, full and soft that you won't want to stop powdering your face... hahaha. Really great quality.
Normal Price (USD): $29


These are all kits that I own and highly recommend if you're ready to do some splurging or you want to get a few brushes already in a kit for a discounted price. 

The Performance Eyes Kit
Original Price $75

The Basic Face Kit
Original Price $76

(Or original colour: $139)

I hope this has given you some ideas for your brush shopping guys! If you have any questions leave them down below.

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