Saturday, 21 December 2013

Colours of Heaven Angel Makeup Tutorial (Collab with SyntheticcDoll)

Hey musers!

Have you all been having a good holiday season this month? :) It's currently boiling in Sydney so it certainly feels like a down-under Christmas! Haha no snow or frost here for us.

I believe Heaven is real, and I don't know about you but I've always wondered how amazing it would be there. Have you ever thought about what things would look like there? What music would sound like? What kinds of colours you would see? How peaceful and glorious it would be? I can only just begin to imagine it - of course, the colours would blow our minds since they don't even exist in our limited colour spectrum!

So today's tutorial is a holiday look called 'Colours of Heaven Angel Makeup', inspired by my musings of Heaven. This video was a collaboration with the lovely Rena (SyntheticcDoll). She did a really pretty natural shimmery eye look with long lashes - check her video out here.

If you've seen the video already - or if you haven't - you may notice that in this tutorial I didn't do a voiceover. As I was editing, there were so many steps I just felt like I would be talking all the way through and you wouldn't be able to hear the beautiful music. I wanted viewers to focus on the visuals & listen to the song, since this video is a celebration of Christmas: the birth of my Saviour Jesus Christ, which means a lot to me.

This makeup is all about colour, sparkles and glitter with touches of earthy tones and Christmas-sy frost. I created this look for costume parties or Christmas events - don't get me wrong, this is not an everyday look! Just have fun - Even when Christmas is over, it's a universal angel theme that goes well with any dress-ups that you could tweak and use to your liking.

So let's begin.

Colours of Heaven Angel Look(Click to watch on Youtube)

Sparkle, glitter, and more sparkle!

The bohemian-style headpiece and tight large waves made the look more convincingly angelic and added an earthy feel to the urban look of diamontes. Pearl jewellery and crystals are a must with angelic look IMO!

♥ Behind-the-Scenes 

What can I say.. Filming is hard work! You guys probably won't believe me when I say this video took me 6 hours to film. Yep... SIX HOURS. I may take longer than normal people because to some extent I'm annoyingly perfectionist when it comes to creative work. It kills me sometimes.

I will sound even crazier if I tell you I started filming at 1am.    I'm not even kidding.

And that the video editing took me twice that time. I didn't sleep until 11am this morning!

^_^ My love and dedication to you guys. Youtube is no joke.

Believe it or not, this is one of my favourite photos of the night.
Pure Argan Oil from Eden Allure. I love this stuff. It does wonders for my hair when it's dry or needs moisturising.
Click here to see it in the store. 

Dirty brushes & mess
And more mess... Beautiful right? :P

Helen Dowsley's amazing ethically sourced lashes. Will be doing a vlog review on her whole range next week!

I wish Christmas lasted longer so I could do cute Christmas designs on my nails more often!
You might have seen my nails on my Facebook and Instagram posts this week.

Can you see the sunlight? It was dark when I started filming.. -___- 
Cooper was sitting like this in the corner of his cage. So cute and funny I had to take a photo ~

My angel outfit was actually a corset-style pin-up costume from online lingerie store Ilovesexy. It comes with the wings, halo, corset, tu-tu and underwear. Mine is in the small size and it's really tight (I'm usually a AU size 6/US size 4) - I can only fit into it when I haven't eaten haha! I have to say the corset is actually decent quality. I thought it would probably have gotten ruined from my filming and trying to force it on and off multiple times, but it's good as new. Underwear isn't so great though - it works but material is hard and cheapish (Warning: it's a g-string hahaha). Click here for the Angelic Pin-up Costume I'm wearing in my video.

Product List

Click on products for their online store links:

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Silky Essence (comes in kit - guys.. this is ahmazingggg)
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation 01
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25Hour Foundation 400 Natural Beige
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 604 Milk
MAC Pearl Crushed Metallic Pigment
Laura Mercier Brow Definer in Fair
L.A. Colours Loose Pigment CP237
Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow 01
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Sand
Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder 22 Rose Clair
Nars Eyeliner Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner Rue Bonaparte
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Ransom
Clio Waterproof Brush Liner in Black
Balala Metallic Glitter Gel Liner
Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Clio Waterproof Mascara Volume & Curling
Helen Dowsley False Lashes in Favourites (great for accent on asian eyes - flares out just enough, but not too much)
Diamontes (purchased at IMATS)
Darkness Collagen Lash Glue (Korean)
Napoleon Loose Dust #39
Mac Myth Lipstick
SEP Face Designing Kit (Emprani - This is Korean, purchased when I was in Korea via homeshopping)

Thank you once again to Tim Be Told for the wonderful music. Guys you must check out their music, they have a beautiful clear sound with awesome vocals! 

Tim Be Told Website:
Time Be Told Store:
Tim Be Told Youtube:

Hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost!
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Have an absolutely wonderfulllll Christmas holidays guys! Vote on the right for my New Year's Eve makeup look - What do you guys want to see? ^^

Love Jen xox