Sunday, 26 January 2014

Come back Cooper :(

Hey musers,

I'm sorry this isn't my Part II of my Moving to Korea blogs. I had to quickly update you guys about something before doing that.

If you haven't already heard, Cooper...

... is lost.


I found out only 2 days ago.

Firstly I don't want to blame anybody or make this a post to point fingers. This is only to share with you guys what is happening with Cooper, since as much as he was my pet, I know he was also many of yours.

I will share what I have been told by my generous friend who enthusiastically offered to take care of our dear Cooper. And Viv if you are reading this, please don't feel bad. I appreciate everything you have done, thank you.

So how did it happen? I'll tell you guys all that I know..

My friend's grandpa was playing with Cooper when some relatives were over their house, and as Cooper seemed to have been getting a little scared/stressed, he decided to put him back into his cage (which was on the balcony). As he tried to put him in, he flew. Usually the door to the house was open for him to fly back in the house, but this time it was closed and as he had nowhere to fly, he flew onto the tree just beside their balcony. Their family tried to get him back that night but to no avail. They left him on the tree in hopes to get him in the morning, as they tried to call him but he didn't fly back. (Cooper is not a strong flyer and needs lots of coaxing before he can fly a path that he hasn't before.)

In the morning, my friend checked, and he was gone. :(


Ever since then, he has been missing. My friend and some others have been trying to find him. Auntie Steph, who now lives at my old place, has been keeping an eye out for Cooper too, just in case he somehow returns to our house. However, it would really be a miracle if so because it is quite a long distance and Cooper has never been flying around Sydney so much as to know the way.

In the past, when oppa and I lost him in an accident too, Cooper came back to our house in 2 days. We heard his familiar baby cry - the cry he used to make when he was a baby calling us for food because he was hungry - and we rushed outside. He was sitting on our roof calling us, and as soon as he saw us he flew down immediately to come back to us. That was really a miracle of God.

I don't know what will happen now. The worst thing about this is that I cannot rush back to Sydney to try and find him - because I know if I call him he would recognise my voice and call back or fly to me. I can't do anything, and it's really a sad feeling.

I really hope Cooper will at least fly to another person's balcony who will take care of him well. In the wild, he doesn't know how to survive as he has always been provided with food and water. Birds are also very territorial so it's dangerous for him to be in the wild by himself - he would probably be killed by other birds (if worst comes to worst). He is a very gentle bird, and his natural habitat is not Sydney, so it would be very difficult for him to find the right food for his diet as well; ie unless he finds a human who will take care of him. I know for sure that as soon as Cooper starts to speak, anyone would want to keep him as he is also a very exotic and expensive parrot. That's heartbreaking for me too, but it's better than him being lost or in danger in the wild. ;(

Please help us pray that Cooper will return to Viv's house. Oppa and I were planning to ship him over to Korea within a year's time, so I had never actually said good bye to him T_T
If not, I guess that will just be what was meant to be... and we will have to accept that.

I want to say sorry to you guys too. I know it is hard for you to hear this if you have become attached to him in any way the past few years. :( I will keep you all posted if anything happens.


Please come back.

A sad Jen signing off.. x

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