Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mani Monday♥ Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Art

Hey musers!!

This is a late Mani Monday post, but I HAD to do this because my nails are simply gorgeousss and I needed to share it.

So if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you may have already seen this photo. Here's what's on my nails as I type:

Aren't they soo pretty?

I got them done at my friend's nail art & eyelash extension studio called WJS (Wendy Jina's), in Burwood Sydney. If you'd like to go get yours done, mention that you went upon my referral (meejmuse) to receive a 20% discount off your final price :) Wendy (as pictured) was my nail art technician and she was so detailed, careful and gentle. I was constantly commenting how perfectionist she was, to which she nodded and said 'Yes, I'm a little like that!'

She has done the nails for the crew of the film 'The Great Gatsby' when they were shooting in Australia. Her studio is small but boutique and cute, and she takes great professional care of all her clients. You get to choose from scratch, what kind of design you'd like - from the colour, texture, design, patterns to the decors (diamontes, pearls, stickers, jewels and more). It was lots of fun.

The great thing about these nails is that they aren't bad for you! WJS uses Bio Sculpture Gel, which is a five-star safety rating winning UV light-cured nail system.. You can read for yourself how amazing the stuff is (click 'Cio Sculpture Gel' above). Normal gel nails that beauty parlours use have primers or bonds placed onto the natural nails to keep them on for as long as possible. They are harsh on your nails, dehydrate them and make your nails yellow after long periods of time. This is actually the reason why I stayed away from gel nails as much as possible. Bio Sculpture Gel has no primers or bonds, and it actually hydrates your natural nails in the process! Not only is it not bad for your nails, but it also lasts amazingly long without flaking or chipping - up to 4 weeks on fingernails and 8 weeks on toenails.

As you can see in my photo, my nails have heaps of diamontes and decor on it, but in no way has it brought me any discomfort etc. The pointiness of the decor are smoothed out in the process of BSG, and it never gets caught on anything or is heavy etc. I do a lot of housework and I've never had to think about my nails. I must remind you that you don't need to choose any decors on your nails at all, you could even do a simple french or monocolour, with the added benefits of long lasting chip-free nails that won't be rotting away underneath the layers of nail product!

Here's what the SA Drug & Toxicology Information says about Bio Sculpture Gel in their Toxicology Report  (taken from
Summary Quote: "We are of the opinion that this product, when applied under normal or reasonable foreseeable conditions of use, poses virtually no risk for systemic toxicity, although it does pose a limited risk for local skin reaction in sensitive users, which can be minimized by the correct usage. In general the toxicology profile of the ingredients of the product compares very favorably with that of some of the other nail cosmetic products on the market."

Anyway, if you're in Sydney and you'd like to get yours done at WJS using my meejmuse 20% off discount, you must book with them beforehand. Wendy will be away on holiday until the 5th of Feb so if you'd like yours done between now and then, give Natalie a call on 0451 033 309, email or visit their Facebook Page for more details. If you'd like Wendy, you can book for after the 5th of Feb. From my memory, gel nails start from $69 or $79 (apologise for the vagueness), but with the 20% off it'll be less than that!

Hope this mani monday has given you guys some ideas and options for your nail adventures! Haha!

Have a wonderfullll week.

Love Jen xo