Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Year in Photos ♥ 2013

Hey musers!

I can't believe it........... It's officially 2014!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, 2013 seriously flew by so quickly. Where did the time go? But at the same time I feel like when I look back on 2013, so many of the things that happened seem like it happened ages ago!

What's going on? Am I getting old?
I went to Korea in February of 2013 - but it feels like that happened 2 years ago.

So many things took place last year (so last year hehe). Here are just a few off the top of my head:

- I went to Korea!
- I officially graduated from University
- I officially started full-time teaching at one of NSW's leading public primary schools for innovative teaching and learning
- I started Youtube full-time
- I became the Cleo Magazine Australia Beauty Ambassador
- I was featured in Cleo Magazine 3 times, with one of these a 4-page interview feature
- I got to meet and befriend the lovely Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis
- I held 3 meet-ups: One in Seoul, 2 in Sydney and got to meet so many of you guys properly in real life ^^
- William started a new job as the financial controller of the biggest Korean dental organisation in Sydney
- Our worship team started to record our first official church album (still to be released next year - oops I mean this year haha)
- I got a new car
- I started my official website, which I then switched over to a blog
- I went back to brown (hair) with ombre tips
- Cooper learnt how to say even more random bad stuff like "aish", "이게뭐야" and "woop woopppppp!!"
- He also reached his terrible two's a year or two late (he is so cheeky)
- I discovered the wonder of super foods like chia seeds, quinoa and 'eating clean' : now remember, I said discovered... NOT kept all the way hahahaha
- I reached over 70,000 subscribers on my channel! thanks guyssss :.)
- I reached over 100 public videos on my channel
- I did my first official collaboration video with another Youtuber
- I discovered how much I love Sigma brushes
- I got over my shopping addiction.. haha ok this isn't really a proper one since I like to think I was never addicted lol, but seriously I think I can count on both hands the number of times I actually went clothes shopping this year. Crazy o_O
- I went to the launch party of One Direction's fragrance Our Moment (Click to watch video)
- I made lots and lots of new friends and people along all walks of life
- I learnt - really learnt - the art of not giving up, or persevering and soldering through even the toughest of times
- Oppa and I found out something that will change our lives 180 degrees for this new year of 2014!

Oh my goodness gracious gaboodly grapes!! Guys I cannot wait to tell you our announcement that is a huge change for us and for my Youtube channel. And pretty much everything else too haha.

I know what you're thinking. I've heard people saying the word PREGNANT. But... unfortunately not yet! Sorry but it ain't a bub.. hehe.. >_<

Stay tuned because I will be announcing it soon on my channel :) I am excited but nervous at the same time.

2013 has been undoubtedly amazing, and I know it wasn't just for us but for each of you guys too! There were probably things and events that took place that you never anticipated or saw coming. Perhaps things you never imagined would happen, happened.

I just know that 2014 will be an even more exhilarating ride, full of love, laughter, fun times (and tough times), good people, and climbing to higher heights in our lives! I just want to bless you guys for this new year.. and I am so glad we can do it together. It's so amazing having you guys to talk to through my videos and social media. You are like my unseen friends and online family who I can't see but I know you're there - honestly sometimes it does require faith to realise the truth of it all! I am so privileged to have you guys next to me - thank you for all your sweet comments and ongoing support throughout the years.

To finish this post, I'm going to upload a few snippets of my year. (P.S. You guys have asked to see my Korean trip vlog for months and months.. sorry I never uploaded that! I will include a few shots from my Korean trip here).

Here it is: A little album of memories <3

My Year in Photos

Ok.. so this wasn't this year, but it marks my graduation from Uni^^ Where's Jen? 
Korea! :)
Lotteworld with the two mates we traveled to Korea with!
If this ain't love, I don't know what is
The winner of my Seoul Meetup for coming first - Sophia! She was so lovely and we still keep in contact to this day.
The boys being silly as usual :P
Freezing... in a coat that was too big for me! Living in Aus, we don't have the right winter clothes for Korea lol!
Don't know if you can tell.. but I don't like Winter. T_T
Daytrip with oppa :)
Graduation :) Oppa and his mum next to me.
My two Korean friends. YJ & Grace. Do you remember Grace?
My first class as a teacher. Faces have been blurred out for child-protection :)
This shot was taken for our class website - my kids decided they wanted to make the peace symbol to represent
what they ultimately wanted to bring to this world through their education.
Now for Youtube - This was my first tutorial for the year. Click to watch if you'd like~
Filming with Cooper. Doing Youtube with full-time teaching was one of the hardest experiences of my life.
IMATS 2013 with the other two Cleo Beauty Ambassadors, Chloe & Lauren
One of my features - I did a pink hue look tutorial for Cleo Magazine September Issue.
The strangest experience was when my students, parents and fellow teachers came to school
telling me they saw me in the mag. And when parents of my students started following me FB fanpage. >_<
Behind-the-scenes at the Cleo Photoshoot with Chloe & Lauren
One Direction's 'Our Moment' Fragrance Launch with my girlfriends
Family selfies!
The Sydney Royal Easter Show - Can you spot oppa? 
Meet-up with you guys in Sydney! I had soo much fun meeting you all! You're all so beautiful, inside and out x
More random Instagram times with oppa.
Before going out to Park Ki Young's concert in Sydney, which oppa organised!
If you are wondering, yes we were underdressed lol
Dailylook Lookbook (click to watch)
Blue Mountains with oppa
One of many videos that didn't make it up due to personal dissatisfaction of quality -
this was an Autumn makeup tutorial.
Officially the most retarded photo I've ever taken of Cooper. He was yawning mid mandarin-consummation and post-bath.
Plus he blinked. Not very photogenic, the lad.
I take that back. This is worse. MUCH WORSE
Korean whitening, tightening and brightening facial mask recipe video (click to watch)
Huge makeup haul~ The video where Cooper annoyed the daylight out of me.
And of course... the last few videos of 2013 on my channel.
KPOP Goddess Look - Fresh Green Diamonte Eyes & Boho Waves (click to watch)
Colours of Heaven Angel Makeup and Outfit (click to watch)
... and my final video for the year.
NYE Jennifer Lawrence Smokey Eyes Tutorial + Tips and Tricks (click to watch)
My church fambam <33
New Year's Eve - Shamelessly pointing at our fave Thai restaurant which we were about to dine at ;)
(Doytao Thai) Vlog coming soon <3
And to end... here's a normal photo of Cooper.
Can you see his tiny eyelashes? ^____^

I love you guys so much. May your 2014 be a blessed, wonderful new 365 days.

Happy New Year, from my heart to yours!

Jen xo

What are some key things that happened in your 2013? And what are you excited for in 2014? I would love to read your comments! xx