Thursday, 23 January 2014

Our Move to Korea ♡ Part I

Hey musers,

This is such a special blogpost because I'm going to be sharing with you guys our actual moving experience from Sydney to Korea.

If you don't know why we're in Korea and what's happening in our lives, watch this recent update and announcement video of mine (it also has a giveaway for a Chanel and Lancome Lipgloss and Clio Makeup Remover):

I remember getting teary whilst filming this video. A lot of you guys have told me you cried from watching it too. TBH I never realised how much it would affect you guys. I initially thought it was only a huge change for Will and I, but the more I thought about it (and the more comments I read) I realised somehow you guys would feel a 'parting' of some type, because you can feel my Youtube will change. And of course.. Cooper will no longer be in my videos. Well, at least for a little while. 

I can assure you that who I am won't change - a Korean Australian beauty vlogger, Jen and Will, everything about us and who we are - but the thing that will change is our environment. I hope you guys don't feel too sad. :(

A photo of Cooper I took 2 weeks before leaving Sydney, with my Christmas tree still up in the background. My sister says he looks sad here. :(

It's only been a week since I posted that video, but it feels like so much has happened! Well, it's true I guess. A LOT has happened. Let me show you guys what we've been going through.

Well firstly, prior to us leaving, so many of our groups of friends and family threw us farewell parties, gave us presents, made us or bought us dinner, came over to our place, prayed for us, the list goes on.. It was a very emotional and beautiful time. Will and I have honestly never felt so loved and appreciated in our lives.

Here are a few photos from our final week in Sydney. Our church held for us a farewell dinner, which was on the last Sunday, my Auntie Steph (my Jamaican auntie hehe) wrote and performed a song for us (which made me bawl my eyes out), the church played a powerpoint slide of photos (T___T), oppa and I made speeches and we got prayed for and blessed by our whole church.

Our final Sunday service, final worship in the team, and final goodbyes. 
The song Auntie Steph wrote and sang for us on our final Sunday (snippet will be in my vlog):

"You came into our lives
just for a moment
You have brought us joy
Joy unspeakable

And now the time has come for your transition
We'll be missing you
more than words can say

God be with you till we meet again
Guide you all the way to your journey's end
We pray that goodness and mercy follow you
Guide you all the way forever to remain

And it's not goodbye my friend
but 'see you later'
This is not the end
but it's a new season

Just go in faith
and all of God's favour
God be with you then
til we meet again.

And as you go my friend
We will be faithful
The work to carry on
and maintain momentum

For the fields are white
and ready for harvest
We will do our best
For you have taught us well"

Auntie Steph <3 Our most cherished and wonderful friend.
Do you guys remember her from my Cambodia Mission Trip Vlog? :)
Our prayer warrior sister Karen, who has a Jamaican restaurant in Glebe called JAMVYBZ.
Will miss her dearly.
Receiving an iPad Air as a farewell present from our church.. We were speechless.
A bunch of wannabes..hehehe. Nate, oppa, Uncle Tony and Mark.
Uncle Tony and Auntie Steph aren't really our blood relos, it's an affectionate nickname that stuck from many years ago ^^ 
The boys cooked us dinner a few days before we left. It was actually amazing!
The yummiest and most beautiful cake ever - the infamous rose petals & watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry in Newtown.

Being at CHC Sydney the past 6 years - ever since oppa and I got married - has been truly special. The memories are beautiful. There were good times, and there were tough times.. but in it we both grew so much, and made many many friends, memories and close-knit relationships. I'm really going to miss them. 

And of course.... my dear Cooper. 

I'm normally hopeless at saying goodbye to animals/pets.. but for some reason this time was manageable. I think it is because I know it's not goodbye forever. I know he will be in good hands with my good friend Viviem, and if we decide to stay in Korea for a long time, we will ship him over to us within a year.

Please be well with 파전 아줌마, Cooper. Listen to her well and don't make her life difficult!
You will need to teach me some Singaporean Chinese when I see you next time. 

If you would like to continue following up on Cooper's photos, follow Viv on her Instagram as she will continue #cooperstories.

As you can see, the lead up to oppa and me leaving our hometown was a very busy and special time. I'll never forget it. When I remember back on that time, it plays in slow motion. For me that's rare - it usually only happens when something was either a really valuable experience or traumatic event.

I think it's so true that you don't truly realise what you have until you don't have it anymore. Will and I didn't expect so many people to share their love and blessings with us until it happened. It made us a little bit uncomfortable to receive so much, but at the same time I knew there is a time to give and a time to receive, and it was our time to just open our hearts and let our friends and family freely do so. It was not just an appreciation of us but for them too.

On the morning of our flight, which was at 10am on Friday 17th of January, our friends once again leant their helping hand to come and pick us up from my parents house at 6:30am, drive us to the airport, and stay with us til we entered the departures gate. Even at the airport, one of our pastors (Pastor Ernest) as well as a few other treasured church friends came to say good bye. All of this will be in my upcoming vlog.

Thank you Pastor Ernest for all your love and support.. ^^

So oppa and I finally boarded the plane.. 

and, in exhaustion, said our final goodbyes to the land of Australia.

We watched as the sun rose for the dawn of a new day upon the beautiful horizon, a glistening line of warm fiery embers amongst the brilliant blue sky and a soft ocean of misty clouds.

Then 11 restless hours later, we touched down to our mother country. 

South Korea. 

Here we come!

(to be continued)

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