Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mani Monday♥ Mint Green with a Touch of Glitter

Hey musers ♥
I haven't done a mani monday in so long! It's good to do it again.

Y'all know the reason why right ? Haha. I had those Bio Sculpture Gel nails on all this time - yes it lasted me 2 months!!! I can't believe how long they went for, and hey they were still perfect, especially since my design was french tip ends with clear nail beds, so no matter how long they grew they didn't look strange. Even as I took them off I felt a bit of a flinch on the inside to say goodbye to those point nail diamonte clusters. I was just getting so tired of having the longest nails ever. I think I have found my new beauty pet peeve lol > <
Anyways, so it felt really good to put on some fresh paint yesterday. I was in the mood for a bright Spring colour, so accordingly I reached out for one of my new picks - Clio Professional's Nail Styler in S123 Mint Ade (민트 에이드).  It's a dupe for the all-popular Essie Mint Candy Apple, but leans a little more towards aqua-tones and is slightly more of a deeper colour.

Isn't it goooorgeous?

This was actually my first ever Clio nail polish that I've tried. I was pleasantly surprised with the formula, though the brush isn't anything spectacular. It's very similar to OPI's.. which most of you guys know I don't particularly love. A little too flimsy, not well rounded enough for a clean cuticle edge (as you can see with my application). Apart from that, the formula is very rich and pigmented and doesn't leave streaks or bubbles. It's justifiable when you consider that the price is a fraction of OPIs though, plus I personally prefer the flatter bottle design which makes it more secure to leave on a surface to keep dipping the brush in and out of without worrying about it toppling over. And of course - the colour is beautiful ^^

To add a bit of point, I added some glittery goodness to my right hand ring finger. I used Orly's Shine on Crazy Diamond and Tony Moly's G102 Twinkle Silver (트윙클 실버). Then I finished it off with Modi's Quick Dryer. 

If you've never heard of Modi, it's a hot Korean brand that sells at a big makeup chain store called ARITAUM. They have so many gorgeous, unique colours, not to mention their gel manicures range!! That oppa won't let me buy cos he thinks I have 'too many nail polishes' lol... (wait till I show him some crazy nail polish collections on Youtube!!! ahahaha jks) Must get some soon and show you guys ;)

On my left hand, I wanted to add a bit of contrast with a dark smokey grey on my ring nail. I used Nature Republic's BK006 Burnt Grey (번트 그레이). This shade is a little softer in real life. Here I've used 2-3 coats to build up the colour, but even one coat is good enough. Very pigmented and I love the big rounded easy-to-use brush.

I topped it off with the same glitter shades as my right hand, then finished with a drop of the Modi Quick Dryer, which I love. It works equally as well as all the other quick dryers I've tried, but here's why I love this even more than the OPI Drip Dry. 

Seriously right? The curved applicator makes it SO much easier to use, scientifically it also makes more sense when you think about surface tension - if it's at an angle it will drop onto the nail surface better. Sorry to get so technical - but I really did have a bit of trouble with OPI's Drip Dry sometimes as it wouldn't fall onto my nail properly and just fall onto the side, especially if my nail polish had already dried from its completely wet state. I also like the large sized product, since these quick dry products usually get used up ridiculously quickly. 1-2 drops on each nail, and my nails set as quick as a flash. Convenience to it's optimum for people on the go!

What have you guys got on your nails today? :D
Do you guys like mah naillss? You'll see it in my next video.

Hope you guys enjoyed my late-for-Australia-and-Korea, but not-late-for-America-and-Canada mani monday! Hehe!

Have a wonderfullll day. Filming two vids today! See you on Youtube ;)

Love Jen