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My Current Top 5 Foundations! ♥ Reviews & Swatches

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So I have decided to try and post more on my blog.. if possible daily! But I make no promises.... hahahaha (fades away) 

No, really I'm going to try to be more persistent with my blogging cos I realised I really enjoy this different avenue of communication with you guys. I actually love writing. And since many of you like reading and taking your time to think through something rather than a quick vid, I thought it'd be better to have things written down for your records. Yah? ;)


Are y'all ready? For
 My Top 5 Fave Foundations/BB Creams!?
(For those who've already watched my video, there's a lot more detail here
so you're not wasting time reading this ^__^)

FYI, my skin type is normal with a slightly oily t-zone.


- Number #5 -

♥ Clio Kill Cover Realest Wear Moist Foundation [SPF35 PA++] 30ml 

클리오 킬 커버 리얼리스트 웨어 모이스트 파운데이션

This Korean foundation is a moist, dewy foundation that looks very natural when applied evenly and well. The key with this foundation is to go with a light hand and use a damp sponge to gently dab / press it into your skin in rolling motions. I find this gives the most natural, beautiful coverage.

With Clio's current beauty ambassador being Sandara Park (산다라박) from girl group 2NE1, and a history of other national South Korean hotties such as Lee Hyori (이효리), you can trust their products won't ever be too much of a miss. You guys probably know I'm quite a big fan of Clio's makeup (not all, but in general).

I love this foundation because of its natural moist finish, good buildable coverage, SPF protection, great packaging (apart from being slightly heavy from the solid glass), and overall long-lasting performance. It has a pump applicator and comes in a jar of 30ml of the product. It aims to give you a younger looking skin finish that glows with vibrancy. Due to the added moisture, I recommend this foundation for dry to normal/slightly oily skin, though the latter may have to touch up every 4-6 hours with some powder.

For a tutorial on how to use this foundation with the Clio Kill Cover Sheer Blenders to add different skin finish effects, watch my recent video here.

The Swatch ♥

My shade is in 3-BY Linen 리넨.

- Number #4 -

♥ Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream [SPF20 PA++] 40ml 

홀리카홀리카 아쿠아 쁘띠 젤리 비비 01호

DO NOT EAT - The label clearly says. Don't eat it guys! Must resist the jelly-likeness! >;)

This BB cream is my ultimate favourite of favourite BB creams. Whilst many BB creams are very creamy and can oftentimes be gray-toned, this BB cream can almost be described as a very light-textured foundation that brightens the complexion. Thanks to Liah (Yellowycream) for introducing me to this baby! <3

Firstly, the texture. It is amazingggg. Just as you can see in the photo below, it is truly like a jelly mousse texture that's light and fluffy. It seamlessly blends into the skin with a refreshing scent and feeling. It's important to use a light hand with this foundation too, as if you put on too much it can look obvious. I like to use my favourite Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush to blend it quickly over my face.

The coverage is light to medium and the product is quite effective as a brightening concealer too. When working with this BB cream, you need to move quickly as it can dry in place if you leave it to oxidise for too long. It begins as a wet texture then progresses to a velvet-matte finish. It lasts very well and fixes in place for at least 10 hours on my skin. I do have to touch up on my t-zone about once during a long day, but only if I can be bothered. It isn't really very necessary as it ends up looking like I am just glowing from within. 

The bottle is super cute, small and stout, in the creative shape of a jelly cup mould. I love the aqua cap and small spatula that makes it easy to scoop the product out. I think that's why the label actually says 'DO NOT EAT'. It's actually quite tempting. Hehe <3

One bottle will last you forever. I had to purchase a new product as my previous bottle I'd been using for almost a year and still had half the product left. Just to note though, many people with dry skin seem to find that this BB cream accentuates their dry patches, so if you have dry skin I recommend the Giorgio Armani, Nars Sheer Glow or - if you're looking for a BB cream - the Nature Republic Snail BB Cream (SPF30 PA++). For my skin however, this works amazing and I just love it so much - the only reason this is no longer my number 1 is simply because I am currently preferring foundations over BB creams. 

The Swatch ♥

My shade is in 01 Aqua Beige - 01호 아쿠아 베이지.

- Number #3 -

♥ Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 30ml

조르지오 아르마니 루미너스 실크 파운데이션

This baby right here is actually a new and recent addition to my life. I purchased this in Korea 2 months ago upon the influence of Rae onni (Raeview), who literally did ra-ve about this foundation (pun intended :P). I was sold the moment I tried it on at the counter.

The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is just as the name describes - a luminous silk foundation. The texture is gorgeous, silky and creamy and blends even more seamlessly than the Holika Holika above. A little goes a long way with this number. 

The finish is satin-velvet - a semi-matte - perfect for those with my skin type. It lasts very well as it dries down to the semi-matte finish after a few seconds after blending. The coverage is medium and buildable, and works very very well mixed together with the Giorgio Armarni Fluid Sheers (I have #1) to create a brightened, pearl finish. On my skin this lasts me over at least 10 hours but requires 1-2 touch ups, a little more than the Holika Holika above.

The packaging is beautiful, sophisticated and very solid and durable without being too heavy. It is much lighter than the 2 products above, making it excellent for travel. The GA logo on the cap is just another one of their luxurious touches for our guilty pleasure ;)

The reason this is #3 on my list is because although the texture is very silky, it is a little too creamy for my liking. Unlike the Holika Holika, which becomes almost one with my skin, this product can tend to feel like it is sitting on top and be a little heavy. I can feel the foundation is there. However, perhaps I have just not figured out the most effective way of applying this foundation. Another personal con includes the slight sunscreen-ish scent. Also note that this foundation does not contain SPF.

The Swatch ♥

My shade is in #2.
Looks like I'm bout to punch somebody! Hehe.. I have pointy knuckles.
(I used to do Taekwondo for 3yrs and have a pretty strong fist. Bewareee!)

- Number #2 -

♥ Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 30ml

나스 쉬어 글로우 파운데이션

Ahh. Nars Sheer Glow. Doesn't the name sound so lovely? It has a ring to it. Maybe it's just because 
I. Love. It. 

Nothing beats my Nars Sheer Glow in terms of the light, glowy texture that has awesome coverage yet gives a natural 'glow' to the skin. I always say that I can't understand why they called it Sheer when in fact the coverage is medium-high. I think I know why now. They were describing the consistency of the product itself. It feels sheer when applying it. Once on my skin, it looks velvetty-matte, and as usual after 4-6 hours my t-zone begins to subtly shine but the beauty of this foundation is that it somehow manages to make this look like I am just glowing naturally. It has an average amount of transfer so I do need to set this with a powder for lengetivity, and then it will last over 10+ hours on my skin.

Whilst the Giorgio Armarni LS was silky in a creamy way, the Nars SG is silky in a liquidy way - JUST the way I like it. It has the perfect amount of coverage for me to use on a daily basis, or built up for special occasions or events when I need a more flawless finish. It feels very light on the skin, and a little goes a long way, so one bottle will last you for a good 6-12 months depending on usage. There's no particular scent to it, so for those who are sensitive you won't have any trouble with this one.

As much as I love it, there are a few things to note about this one that I must share. According to many reviews I have seen, read or heard, this is a 'love-it-or-hate-it' product. I have found that whilst one group will avidly campaign for it (including me), another group might find it doesn't work for them at all. I have concluded that it is all up to your skin type. When I used this foundation for a friend who has dry - smooth, nevertheless dry - 30's-aged skin, she did not like this one bit. It settled into her dry patches and fine wrinkles and didn't work the way it magically did on mine. I was without mention, surprised. I also think that for those with very oily skin, this may be beautiful at first but after 3+ hours, may start to oil up quite a bit. For those I would recommend trying out the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation.

Another thing to note is that the packaging is really quite horrid. It isn't particularly heavy or ugly, but it's a twist-open pour-out applicator (which some might find hard to navigate at first - I'm fine with this as I've worked out the exact amount I need and don't need to scoop any back in which is very unhygienic), and the lid is matte (to go with the theme I guess). Due to this, fingerprint marks, scuff marks.. you name it. They get picked up like sticky tape. The inside of the lid will also get messy regardless of how clean you use it. However, one of my subbies has just told me the great news (lol I sound like a true makeup geek here) today on my Youtube video comments that Nordstrom and the Nars website sell pump applicators for $6. You can't put any lid on with the pump, but apparently it has a lock. (Anyone tried it? Any good?) I don't know how good people are finding that but I'll definitely place an order for a pump when I run out and buy a new bottle.

Overall, if you're not fussed about those above points, and you have similar skin type as me.. You will love this foundation. <333 Luuuurrrrve.

The Swatch ♥

My shade is in LIGHT 4 Deauville.

- Number #1 -

♥ Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation 30ml

메이크업 포에버 하이 데피니션 파운데이션

If you're still reading this, congratulations. You've made it.

My holy grail, irreplaceable, long-time-lover and friend... the MUFE HD Foundation. *insert cheer SFX*

I have used this one faithfully for over 3 good years and this is my 3rd or 4th bottle. Whenever I go overseas or on a trip, MUFE is there. If I have to choose just one foundation off the top of my head, 'tis MUFE. MUFE is my loyal friend. MUFE has never failed me. Haha XD

This foundation has the perfect flexibility to be used for every occasion (for me anyway), whether it's everyday casual use or for a photoshoot or HD use. When I do live TV, I am usually wearing 2-3 layers of this stuff (do you guys have any idea how much foundation reporters have caked on their face if you see them in real life? :O :O like seriously). The finish is semi-matte, coverage is buildable, it's long lasting and it's honestly great for all skin types (except very very dry - as I said in my video, if your skin is very dry, you just need to work on your skincare routine first! then your scope of the foundations you can use will immediately broaden). It has never looked cakey on my skin, and will generally last for over 10 hours when set with some loose powder (I use the MUFE HD Pressed Powder - see My March Faves post). It looks flawless, clean, beautiful.

A little doesn't go a long way with this one, however - I usually have to use 2.5 pumps for a full face, using my Sigma Kabuki Brush or a damp sponge. It also doesn't have SPF like my previous two foundations, so I apply some of my Shiseido Anessa Sunscreen or Chanel SPF Base prior to using this. 

The reason this triumps over the Nars SG is not just for the obvious reason of the more user-friendly, hygienic packaging - MUFE has a pump, shiny cap and a light, sturdy plastic bottle - but because it has much less transfer than the SG and controls my oil slightly better, with the expense of the natural glowy finish of the Nars.

When this runs out I will continue to buy new bottles over and over. That is until I find a new holy grail foundation that can beat this record. For now, none have been able to do so. Gotta hand it to ya, MUFE.

The Swatch ♥

My shade is in #117. In the Summer, I mix this 3:1 with the #120.

So there you have it!

My Current Top 5 Favourite Foundations/BB Creams

Make sure to watch my video for a more interactive run-down of my list! Click here to watch it, or view it below on a smaller screen. 

My Current Top 5 Foundations/BB Creams. What are yours? ^__^*

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