Saturday, 31 May 2014

HAVE YOU BEEN PLUCKING?! + Sigma's New Brow Collection lol

Hey musers!!

Have you ever looked in the mirror one day and realised *shock horror* your brows have become freaky unsightly bushes of untamed growth, hairs protruding out from whichever location and angle? 

What was that? Never? 

Well, I'm sorry you are so perfect! But it happens to me.. a lot. Ha ha!

It's like, "OMG how many people have I met the past few days with these overgrown, unshaped monster masses!?"

And then... it's like, "WHY do guys not have to pluck and shape their brows anywho?"

And then, it becomes, "Why are guys allowed to have armpits of death! Why are hairy legs and arms ok for them but we must spend so much time and effort into making sure we're always as smooth as a babies bottom... why why WHYYYY~~~~~~"

Please stop me before I continue my rant. (Come on I know you've all thought this before.. ADMIT IT!! LOL)




Beyond the rant, honestly - does anyone else have a slight obsession with brow products?

I must admit over the years I have developed a thing for brow products. I'm always on the lookout for new powders, pencils, waxes, tints, gels, you name it.. whichever makeup store I go into I always make sure to check out their brow range before I leave.

As an asian who leans more towards the natural, soft Korean brow look vs. thin, defined arches, it can prove to be a little difficult to find brow products that are the perfect warm-but-neutral, dark-but-not-too-dark-that-you-look-like-a-clown kinds of shades. Yep - even in the wide array of actual Asian-brand makeup, it can require a bit of a scour around to find that optimum colour and product.

I have personally wasted a lot of money on brow products from unnecessary splurges on high-end brow pencils that felt great at the time but they now just sit in my makeup storage because I realise the shade was a little too dark (MUFE), way too pigmented and hard to work with (Dior), or I have a product that was much more affordable but work better for my face and features (y'all know it - yes my Peripera Cake Brow Powder, which is now.... drumroll, DISCONTINUED. D:). I guess this applies with other kinds of makeup too, but - is it just me? - it seems to happen a lot more with the brow department.

That's why I was uber excited when I heard that Sigma was coming out with their own Brow Collection. It's one of their collections that I was actually counting down the days for. He he!

The collection is called Frame Up, and features 3 Brow Pencils, a Brow Wax, 4 Brow Highlight Duos, 4 Brow Powder Duos and 3 Brow Expert Kits that contain all you need for a complete brow makeover. (Anyone in need of one, stat?)


Sigma's Frame Up Brow Collection

The collection has a variety of different products in a range of shades to suit each unique person's skin tone and preference.

Firstly - to the left - are the Brow Highlight Duos ($14 each). I will be swatching 3 of the 4.

Brow Highlight Duos ($14 each)
From left to right: Well-Lit, Ray Of Light, Goddess Glow (Not pictured: Bring To Light)

These duos are very smooth and fairly pigmented. Each one contains one matte and one sheen (pearly-finish) colour.

Well-Lit Highlight Duo ($14)
Well-Lit is a peach-pink toned duo, with a matte light pink and a pearl peach-pink.

Ray Of Light Highlight Duo ($14)
Ray Of Light is a yellow-toned duo, containing a matte pale yellow and a pearly champagne-gold. I thought the pale yellow would be chalky but it's actually quite creamy.

Goddess Glow Highlight Duo ($14)
Goddess Glow is a pink-toned duo, containing a matte light peach-pink and a pearly light bronze-gold.

Then there are the Brow Pencils ($9). I will be swatching 3 of the 4.

 Here are the swatches:

Sigma Brow Pencil Swatches ($9 each)
Not Shown: Clean Cut

From lightest to darkest in shade: Clean Cut (light ash-brown), Dressed Up (neutral medium brown), Elevate (warm dark brown), Top Shelf (cool dark brown).

My personal favourite is Clean Cut, but unfortunately I couldn't find it until after I took my swatches (it was stuck underneath the black paper layer so I didn't know it was there lol). Clean Cut is the perfect colour for me as I always love to go for lighter ash coloured brows and I tend to opt for lighter shades that I can build up rather than darker shades that need to be built down/blended. (FYI I usually always finish my brows off with a medium-brown tinted brow gel from Heavy Rotation or Maybelline.)

The brow pencils are waxy so stick your hairs down whilst filling them in. It also means it's longer lasting than some brow pencils that don't have wax but only contain the pigment.

Then there are the Brow Expert Kits ($49), available in Light, Medium and Dark. The one pictured here is the Medium Kit.

Sigma's Brow Expert Kit in Medium ($49)

Here's a look at what's inside the kit:

The Medium Kit ($49) contains:

- E75 Angled Brow ($14 single purchase) and E80 Brow/Lash ($12 single purchase) Dual-Ended Brush
- Bring To Light Brow Powder Duo ($14 single purchase)
- Medium Highlight Duo ($14 single purchase)
- Clear Brow Wax Pencil ($11 single purchase)
- Expert Trim (Brow Scissors)
- Expert Tweeze (Brow Tweezers)
- Sharpener

So that means with just the first 4 items, the original price if bought separately would be $65. But for $16 less, you are getting an extra scissors, tweezers and sharpener.

Whether it's worth it is really up to you and what you already have in your own makeup kit! If you've actually been looking to buy a brow powder, wax pencil or brush, and you don't already have a good pair of tweezers, a sharpener and scissors, it might be a great investment since you're basically getting them for free. I personally think this is a really good set for a pressie for someone who doesn't really do much makeup, as brows is something that's really challenging for those who don't usually make themselves up on a regular basis (even those who are against makeup are usually conscious at least about their brows, speaking out of experience with my anti-makeup friends haha). On the other hand, I guess it depends on how much the shipping works out to be for you.

Brow Wax (Clear) Pencil ($11) and Dual-Ended E75 + E80 Brush (only available in the kits)
Really precise and sturdy Expert Tweeze tweezers from the Brow Expert Kit ($49)

Bright To Light Highlight Duo ($14)
Medium Brow Powder Duo ($14) 

Overall, I really think that the Brow Expert Kit is worth the money. I wouldn't recommend it if I thought the items were poor quality but they are in fact really great, and the freebie tools are so fab, especially those tweezers!

In terms of the pencils, yes they are great on their own too. Having lots of Korean brow pencils though, I personally think the competition is just way too high here keke. Korean brow pencils usually have double ended things, just like the Missha one I talk about in my May Faves video that has a sponge-tipped powder end (which is basically just like carrying the Sigma Brow Powder Duo and Brow Pencil together), although yes the pencil/crayon end of the Missha isn't as great as the Sigma Brow Pencil because it's not as waxy. Give or take! Personal opinion! All up to your own personal preference and whether you find it important that you can carry your products around with you on the everyday run ^^

I really hope this was a helpful review post about a pretty cool and extensive brow collection! Sigma did a great job so thumbs up - very impressed! =)

Don't forget to pluck those caterpillars, ladies! Hehehe

Click here if you'd like to purchase any of the products from this collection - and don't forget to use code JUNE10 to claim the $10 off $100 special!

If you are reading this after June, I will keep you updated on new coupon codes through my Facebook and Twitter.

Lots of love <33

Signing off,
Jen xox