Monday, 26 May 2014

Our Holiday to Jeju Island ♡ Day 1

Click to watch video - DAY 1 VLOG

Hey musers!

Hope you have all been well, healthy and happy!

This is a bit of an overdue blogpost, but I thought better late than never! I was also waiting for my Day 1 vlog video to go up before publishing this so it could be in sync for you to see them together. If you haven't seen it yet, click the link to watch it on my Korean Youtube channel, or view it here:

So yes, as some of you may or may not know, oppa and I recently went to Jejudo, or Jeju Island (제주도) - an island off the coast of South Korea - for our second honeymoon vacation combined with my recent 25th birthday ^^ (which was May 17). I'm getting old T_T 

We were only there for 4 days but we got to see so many beautiful places, eat local Jeju food, and just enjoy ourselves for the first time since moving to Korea. I can't believe it's already been 4 months since we left our home town of Sydney. Time truly flies!

To be absolutely honest with you, I wasn't really expecting much from this trip. In fact, I personally wanted to go to another country altogether such as Hong Kong or Thailand, since it's quite difficult for oppa to get time off work especially since moving to Korea and working for this crazy international organisation! (He has been working until 9pm every day the past week or two! Even now as I write this post at 8:30pm, I'm just waiting for him to come home to have dinner together. Work life in Korea is hectic! We are grateful for everything we have though.)

Although oppa had been to Jejudo on a family trip when he was very young, he could hardly remember anything about it. And for me, it was my first time, and I did very little research before going so I went with zilch knowledge or expectations of the island. (We've been to Fiji together before, so I'd just kind of thought it probably wouldn't be as great as an exotic island! lol)

However, I was blown away by the stunning, peaceful beauty of Jejudo as soon as we touched down. As a Korean myself, I never really knew that such a beautiful, natural place would exist in Korea. The green of the grass, blue in the sky and clear, clean air and water couldn't have stood out to us more after living and breathing the micro-dust polluted air of Seoul for 4 months straight. Hehe. There are so many places to see, great museums and tourist attractions and it's just so clean, calm and peaceful. I would definitely go back one day just to wind down again and enjoy the nature. (It also helped that we had amazing weather - clear blue skies, sun, cool breezes - for all 4 days.)

Overall, we had the best holiday we've ever had together in our 6 years of marriage. I really thank God for giving us such a needed time to relax and focus on each other again amidst our hectic schedules. :)

I will leave details of our hotel and taxi tour guide at the bottom of this post for those who may be interested or are considering going to Jejudo. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you~ <3

For now, here are photos from DAY 1 of our holiday. Enjoy!

Hi oppa! (Why do you have a plank on your head? Are you OK?) 
Some of the souvenirs selling inside Hallim Tropical Park. We didn't end up buying any this day~

If you've watched the video, you'd recognise this as just after the little kid yelled really loudly. Haha
Can you read it? =)
You guys probably don't know that oppa has a semi-obsession with macaws. He really wants one one day.
Side note: this macaw nuzzled up to oppa straight away and even groomed his hair and ears,
but didn't really like me at all haha :.( 
In front of one of the pretty bonsais in the Bonsai Garden.
Some of the bonsais were hundreds of years old!

I really love this quote. 
Oppa just saw this photo and said, "All three things look exactly the same!" - -;;
Gorgeous glass art inside the 'Magical Forest'

Sitting on the verandah of one of the traditional Jeju village houses
At the Glass Museum - A tree made totally from glass art o_O
This museum had miniature versions of landmark attractions from around the world, including the Sydney Opera House,
the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and even the Egyptian Pyramids. It was quite fun =)
So oppa tried to do this before me, and I laughed at him, saying "Let me show you how!!" My attempt was even lamer lol;; 
I don't know why but oppa always suits these Chinese Emperor statues so much! kk
Where's my prince??? ㅋㅋㅋ
If only Williana had tucked his feet inside a little.. this photo would've worked better haha 
My camera battery died for our last two stops -
the Teddy Bear Museum and a tourist shopping mall!
So here's just one shot from the TBM :)

We stayed at Villa de Aewol Hotel, which was really nice. Click here to visit the website for more info~

Our taxi tour guide was very nice, friendly, helpful and thoughtful! He can only speak Korean but you can call or email him and he can provide you with English, Chinese, Japanese and other language-speaking guides from his company. If you go with taxi tour guides, they provide additional discounts (10-20%) off of most location entry fees, and tour you around anywhere you like in your own schedule from 9-5pm. Unlike bus tours, you can take your time and be flexible with everything, which makes it great for small groups. Also, as they are locals they can take you to the eateries that only locals know and are super yummy/popular. You do have to pay for their lunches, but even with that it is still cheaper (~$130) than going with bus tours. Another option is to hire a car yourself, which we might try next time since now we've seen most of the places in Jejudo! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below ^^

Kim Byung Soo (Jeju Private Taxis) - 김병수 (제주개인택시)
Phone Number: (82) 10 2960 7727

Have you ever been to Jeju Island, want to, or plan to go? 

Stay tuned for the next Our Holiday to Jeju Island photo posts (including a trip to the all-new renowned Hello Kitty Island and Cafe!!!) Muah,

Love Jen. xo