Tuesday, 17 June 2014

PICTORIAL: Korean Brows in 4 Steps - Grooming, Shaping and Drawing

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It has been so long since my last eyebrow routine video, which is not to mention outdated and now that I look back on it, not the best quality in terms of filming! I did mention the four main ways I drew my Korean style eyebrows and although I still use some of the products featured in that video upon repurchase, I thought I would update you with a simple, easy everyday routine in a short and quick informative vid.

So here's my old video (Click to watch in HD on Youtube)
Note: Even though it's about 2 years old I don't discount the methods!

And here's my new one! (Click to watch in HD on Youtube)

The difference is that for the updated routine, I wanted to show you all a quick and easy way to get natural brows for everyday use - you know, when you want to go low maintenance but have those soft brows to prettily frame your eyes.

Remember the Korean brow style is quite different from that of the Western style, the latter being all about very defined and arched. The Korean brow look on the other hand is very much a soft brow that is more about filling in and naturally shaping than drawing definite, sharp edges. This is because Koreans think this look is most baby-like and therefore youthful, and also because they tend to avoid looking like a strong woman - rather aiming for a more softly feminine look. Why this is so can be for another blogpost altogether hahaha.

Anyways. Here's My Step-by-Step Pictorial of how to get these brows, along with a sister post about MY TOP 10 BROW PRODUCTS, which I tend to reach for regularly. So, essentially, these two posts go together to hopefully help some of you guys in your brow adventures ;)

Let's start with the tutorial.


Using tweezers, pluck any stray hairs outside of your main brow area, pulling away in the direction of the growth. 

How good your tweezers are will really determine how well this step goes!
Go for slanted tweezers with a sturdy grip and sharp edges.

Grab the hairs as close to the roots as possible for least amount of tug (aka pain lol).
Try to pluck as many as you can before shaving (the next step) so your regrowth can be thinner and more natural looking.

Wipe away the area. Use a brush or tissue if you like.


Using an eyebrow shaver which you can get from any Korean/Asian grocery or beauty store (Daiso has them too), point it downwards and clean up the area around your brows for a neat look.
If it's your first time shaping your brows and you don't know where you should be shaving, use a white eyeliner or a thin pencil/chopstick to define what shape you'd like for your face. Then shave around the border you create, making sure it's symmetrical on both sides.

Here's my rough guideline for guidance:

Long faces - straight brows
Wide faces (at cheeks/temples) - slightly arched brows
Oval faces - straight but soft and slight arch (for a refreshing lift)
Round faces - arched brows (for balance)
Square faces - arched, thinner brows

Wipe away the area.


 Use an eyebrow powder that is one to two shades lighter than your hair colour.
The palette I will be using is the Mamonde Natural Cake Eyebrow Kit.

 Fill in your brows softly using an angled eyebrow brush. These are usually included with eyebrow powder kits, otherwise you can use a small angle brush like the Sigma E75.

 Starting from the front bottom, create your bottom edge. This will make it easier as it will act as an outline. Then fill in towards the end, and come back to the front and fill in towards the middle. Use short strokes and go in the direction of your hair.
It might be easier to watch my video to see how I do this.

Towards the front, I like to brush it upwards as that's how my hair grows.

 Use a spooley or clean mascara wand to blend the powder consistently
and to brush your hairs neatly into place.


 Use an eyebrow pencil one to two shades lighter than your hair colour to define the edges of your brows. Always draw in the direction away from your nose towards your ears for a smoother application.

Focus on the bottom edge,

 outer edge line (should be thinned out)

 top front edge,


 and front of the brows (draw upwards).

Make sure to check you haven't missed any spots!

And there you have it!
Natural, soft, feminine brows that frame your pretty pretty eyes :)

 Haha I just had to include this shot cos I thought it was hilarious. 
My face is on my face yeeaaah.

Now, keep in mind that I don't do these eyebrows every single day. Steps 1 and 2 are done roughly every 1-2 weeks, and Steps 3 and 4 are my go-to look for those fuss-free days with minimal makeup.

Depending on my makeup, outfit, hair, look, and what I feel like, I might go for more defined brows, thinner and more arched, or tinted lighter. So if you'd like to see what other products are part of my daily eyebrow routine that I use regularly, click here for "My Top 10 Brow Products" blogpost!


Love Jen

Would you wear these brows? Was this a helpful post, and would you like more of these picture tutorials with explanations in the future?