Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Top 10 Brow Products!

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This is a continuation from my previous post "PICTORIAL: Korean Brows in 4 Steps" (click to read first).

Find out how easy it is in my pictorial here!

Today, I'm excited to share with you guys my current top 10 brow products. It wasn't hard to choose these. Just going through my entire brow products collection it was easy because the products I like and use most often stood out like they were waving their hands at me.

So... want to know what they are?

You can calm down, I know you're excited :P



1. Mamonde Natural Cake Eyebrow Kit (01)

I just love these two kits, but since the one on the left - Peripera's Feel So Good Cake Eyebrow - which if you've been following me for a while you'd probably be familiar with - is now discontinued, I can only really recommend the Mamonde one. 

[ As a side note, I also know that Holika Holika has an amazing brow powder kit with three different shades too. I haven't picked that one up yet simply cos I have these two to finish first and don't need it, but I recently went shopping with my friend from China and she bought it upon my recommendation and she loves it :) ]

Anyway, back to the Mamonde Natural Cake Eyebrow Kit. This eyebrow powder is soft and blendable and is the perfect shade for me right now - a medium light brown. It works so well for those days where you want a natural look. Powders are also great for beginners because not only are they incredibly forgiving, but they are super quick and easy to fill in dem brows with absolute minimal effort and fuss. Due to this, I recommend brow powders even to the older age group. I featured this in my everyday Korean brow tutorial so if you want to see how it works, watch that video :)

For the unfamiliar, Mamonde is a medium-end brand here in Korea and can be found in the large beauty chain store called Aritaum, which also stock Iope, Laneige and Hanyul. This product costs roughly about 12,000 won, or ~$12 so whilst it's not super cheap for Korea, it's definitely very affordable.


The next 5 products are all pictured together below. The list goes:

2. Sigma's Brow Pencils
3. Maybelline's Master Brow crayons
4. Archery's Brow Tint &  Precision Shaping Pencils
5. Lancome's Brow Pencil (Duo with Brow Wax)
6. Missha's Pencil & Powder Dual Eyebrow sticks

Here are a collection of my favourite and most used eyebrow pencil type products. What makes these work for me are a variety of factors, including how waxy the formula is, level of pigmentation (should be pigmented but not too pigmented, making it hard to blend out for a natural brow), and colours should obviously match me. I also have to see it as a product that I think can be used and liked by all despite personal preference of products.

Overall, the Sigma Brow Pencils have a great waxy formula and 4 different shades (click here to read the full review of Sigma's entire Brow Collection), Maybelline's Master Brows are awesome but come with the tiniest amount of product (it's a twist up and is very thin so it can easily break if you're not careful), the Archery's Precision Pencils have a really lovely brush-style brow tint that's used by pros when drawing in individual lashes for a full effect, Lancome's double-ended brow pencils are smooth and have a handy brow wax and spooly on the other end (the blonde colour is a little light for me but again perfect for a natural brow look), and I love the Missha's sponge-tip applicator for quick filling in of the brows, but the crayon end is just so-so (i.e. not bad, does the job, but feel a little light and cheap).

Here are the swatches for shade comparison:


7. Laura Mercier's Brow Definers
8. Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Correctors

You will not believe how smooth and blendable the Laura Mercier Brow Definers are. They have a beautiful formula that just glide on effortlessly and ain't super pigmented which means you can build it up, achieving both a natural or bold, defined look. The only bother is having to use a separate brow brush but that's fine with me. It's very waterproof and as it's a wax/gel, it holds the hairs in place too. Two thumbs up.

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brows are super waterproof, which is the only reason I really like them! For me the shade can be a little too dark, but then again I personally like going for the lighter brow look. Anyone looking for a really smudge-proof, sweat-resistant, truly waterproof brow product should check them out. Again, requires product to be pumped out onto somewhere first, then used with a separate brow brush. The formula is a creamy gel and is pleasant to work with but not as forgiving as powders. I'd say this one is for the more experienced brow drawer.


9. Maybelline's Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascaras
(5 Dark Brown)
10. Heavy Rotation's Coloring Eyebrow Mascaras
(01 Light Brown)

As you can see, my Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow Mascara has been well loved. I use this for days when I've already done my brows using one of the products above, and I want my hairs to be all one shade and lighter to bring in more light to the face and have more emphasis on another feature e.g. eyes or lips. It dries to a hard finish so your brows will not budge after using this lol. This is also quite smudge proof and sweat proof.

The Maybelline Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascara is a relatively new addition (a few months) to my collection but I'm loving it atm as my go-to brow mascara for the normal shade for my current hair (which is black). My one is in a medium brown shade. This one doesn't dry to such a hard budge-proof finish, so if you want something that doesn't leave your hairs stiff, check out these. On the other hand, I don't think it lasts as long as the Heavy Rotation, but that's an unfair comparison because HR is heavy duty stuff. On its own, in terms of faring, the Maybelline does very well too.

As you can see, the wands are very different. The Maybelline wand is long with a ball at the end, and the Heavy Rotation one is rather large with a pointed end. I personally like the small applicator of the Maybelline one as sometimes the Heavy Rotation can accidentally touch my skin and it can be hard to get off especially once it dries.

Here are the swatches for comparison:

That's it! If you guys have tried any other brow mascaras that work well for you, be sure to let me know so I can check it out too - or of course any other brow products that YOU'VE been loving ;)

I've written so many posts on brows the past few weeks so I probably won't be talking about them here for a long while now. Haha. I've worked it up enough methinks. Good bye brows! For now..

Make sure to watch my simple routine for natural Korean Brows if you haven't already!

Peace! :)

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