Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Hiding Behind Makeup - My (Our) Journey to Freedom

"Makeup isn't wrong, but it starts to go wrong
when you associate your identity only with your outer shell."

I shared this last night on my social media, so I knew I needed to put it out here on my blog too.

It's short but sweet :) 

No makeup, no big deal.. right?
Wrong - it took me so long to get to this place.
Read my story :)

When I started really getting into makeup a few yrs ago, it was really hard for me to show people my face without makeup. I realise this is quite personal but I'm sharing because I know lots of you guys might be going through similar things. 

Recently as I am praying that I stand for truth, esp upon moving to Korea, I feel God is helping me realize more and more.. that my body truly is just the outer vehicle. So even if others judge it - which they're perfectly fine to do - it's ok, because it's not really me. It's just my casing.

The essence of your true being is your soul. Only when we realise this will we experience true freedom. 

Makeup isn't wrong, but just remember that it starts to go wrong when you associate your identity only with your outer shell. Look deeper. You are much more than cells. You are much more valuable than that.

I'm not perfect. Nope. But all I really want is a bunch of friends around the world to be in the same boat as me - imperfect but beautiful, strong and resilient, helping one another in our journey of loving ourselves and loving each other.

If you're in with me, I encourage you guys to say this aloud to yourselves, "I am more than how I look and how others perceive me. I will love and cherish my body because I have been fearfully and wonderfully made, but I will remember my real self is my soul residing inside it. Even if others may judge me based on how I look, it doesn't matter. I know better. My body is just a temporary residence for my soul. What I do through my body is more important than how it looks."

Love you guys heaps! You're all ah-may-zing~  

Jen xo