Thursday, 21 August 2014

Billboard Feature + Update Stuff ♥

Hey muserssss
We bought a car last week! Had a good long weekend of driving out of Seoul~
First time relaxing since Jejudo~~

My nails right now ^_^ Really simple and easy but pretty and elegant.
Earlier today~ OOTD for Arirang TV this morning!
Filmed my Holy Grail Korean Beauty Products video when I got home today!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Pat On The Back

Hey musers,

Today I'm not even writing my post title until I finish this post, because everytime I set out to write something it becomes something else and I change it anyway.

I usually sit and start writing here when I suddenly feel the urge to.. share something that's building on my heart. It's like words sort of form and I don't even know what it is until it's out. This is what happened with my two most popular true beauty and plastic surgery posts. I don't really know what today will be about but all I know is that I just wanted to chat with you guys and update you on my life. And although I should be trying to get my 1.5 hr sleep before having to wake at 2:30am for TV this morning, I just really want to blog tonight, whether it's long or short.