Thursday, 21 August 2014

Billboard Feature + Update Stuff ♥

Hey muserssss
We bought a car last week! Had a good long weekend of driving out of Seoul~
First time relaxing since Jejudo~~

My nails right now ^_^ Really simple and easy but pretty and elegant.
Earlier today~ OOTD for Arirang TV this morning!
Filmed my Holy Grail Korean Beauty Products video when I got home today!

Phew it's been a truly hectic past few days! I love that I can always come here to update you guys on my life.

Firstly I wanted to start off by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the unending support, love, encouragement, messages, emails and comments that you guys have been flooding in over the past two weeks after I shared my hardships here in Korea. I really felt so loved by you guys and I realised how much you all really care about me like I care about you! I feel soo special and wonderful and really really blessed. So thank you~~~ It really lifted me up.

I want to share to those who were concerned, I'm definitely feeling much better! I'm bright and cheery, back to normal Jen now. The things I went through I think were just a passing phase, and perhaps a sudden dawning of my immigration that just had to happen, ultimately. For better or worse. And I decided to get through it with a strong heart, prayerfully, gratefully, and humbly. God helped me with all your words and also with oppa by my side.

Love you guys so muchee.

Ok so this was taken back in April but it's to signify me and oppa sending
our love back to you guys hehehe <3

Recent Concealers Review Video (Bobbi Brown vs. MUFE)
Click to watch if you haven't seen it yet

Clio Lipnicures Review
Click to watch if you haven't seen this yet either^^

And my most recent makeup tutorial! Click to go see my fave waterproof makeup products of recommendation, plus a tutorial of course ;)

Anyways, I was recently featured in Billboard Magazine's August Issue on Page 26, alongside CL from 2NE1 and Jiwon from Spica! Just wanted to share this with you guys because it gets me so excited o_O

How amazing and humbling to be featured next to these Kpop celebrities~ I really wouldn't have had these opportunities without you guys and all your support throughout the years. It's not my achievement but ours, because we got here together! 

The physical feature was quite succinct, but the full feature is available online, where both CL and Jiwon share their fave Korean cosmetics and I pretty much ramble on and on about the best of Korean usual..... hahahahahahaha. Sigh.

(BTW that first question was actually "What are your favourite Korean makeup products?" when they asked it to me, don't know why it's written in the article as "What's your top beauty tip?" there and make me look all awkward with my irrelevant answer. Hahaha!)


Life is full of lovely surprises. It's truly a rollercoaster ride. You can be having a down moment one day and the next day could be the best day of your life.

From what I've learnt from my short 25 years of life (or is it long o_O am I getting old haha), it's all about what you make of it, what your attitude is, what you choose to learn from it, and who is beside you. Make sure you surround yourself with genuine people who bring the best out of you - it's important as I mentioned on my Instagram to choose what and who you spend time with.

Don't waste time on people who will only bring the negative out of you. It's not that you are superior to them, but time is short and precious, and you have a purpose for being here. Use your time effectively and make decisions wisely.

You know it! I love you guys!

Talk again soon,

xo Jen