Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Warning: There may or may not have been an abuse of GIFs in this blogpost. You have been warned.

O..  EM..  GEE...  Long time, musers!! 

For those who follow my Youtube (or vlog channel here), I've been more than active, but my poor little blog has been receiving no love due to my packed-out schedule juggling TV reporting, videography, church and family commitments, endless meetings and other side gigs.

Sooo much has happened since my last blogpost on new skincare products I (had) been using (death to me so many more to talk about now lol), but that can be for another time! For now, the end of the year is upon us (ALREADY OMGAH. Christmas is almost here!! Yay!!) and I simply can't believe it's already been almost a year since our move to korea.

My hair changed,
my lifestyle changed,
my wardrobe changed,
my language changed
(lol yes I have become more fobby - does that word even work when I'm the newb in the country?),
my husband changed.... JOKES! Haha.

Well, what hasn't changed - I think - is..

my taste in..






Cus that's how it rolls here.

As vain as it gets on! Get used to it please :P

So here it is, after a bit of thought on how to construct this new "I'm BACK" blogpost, I've decided to share with y'all:


Pink is the safest colour we all resort to on our 'not feeling so creative' days - well, at least, for me. So more than any other colour in my nail polish collection, pink is my most common (surprise surprise). 

It can be hard finding the right pink though - all too often some pinks are prettier in the bottle than on the hands. Sometimes it's due to the wrong tone. There are too many times I've bought a pink that I thought was absolutely stunning, but once on it just looks off because it clashes with my skintone. Have you guys experienced this heartbreaking si-choo-ashon

Some pinks are too 'red', too 'yellow', and some too 'blue'. Some pinks are way too opaque and barbie pink and can look tacky. Then there are those pinks that turn out to be a manufacturing mistake - how else could they have aimed for a pink but on the nails it's just a clear polish with hardly any colour? Hahaha. It beats me. 

But, thank the Lord, there are some pinkies that end up being classically purr-fect. For me, these end up being staples in my collection, and never leave my side whether through rain, hail or shine. Even when I go traveling I always take one or two of these with me in case of a nail emergency!

So I thought I'd share five of my faaaavourite foolproof, holy-grail, always-return-to-these pink hunnies with you.

Would you like to see? ^-^

Don't lie, I know this is you raht now :D :P


I really wanted to have swatches of these for you guys but I couldn't as I have TV tomorrow and need to keep the nails I have on now! Sorry babes! <333


1. Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic

A gooorgeous hot pink (less neon and purple than the picture - sorry) with fuchsia undertones.

- This glides on so beautifully.
- It's a nice thick, smooth, opaque formula that lasts relatively well with a top coat. [Note: Butter London isn't very renown for its long-lasting formulas]
- Never leaves bubbles and has no shrinkage.
- Relatively fast dry time.
- Only one or two coats and you're there!

2. Yves Saint Laurent No. 19

A beautiful multi-toned fuchsia pink with glistening aqua micro-shimmers.

- The packaging. o_O You know it!
- Brush is actually pretty nice.
- Colour is unique, not just your average fuchsia pink (esp. in the sun!)
- Two to three coats for best opacity.
- Does tend to chip a little easily but nothing a bit of top coat can't help.

3. Sally Hansen #510 I Pink I Can

A very pretty barbie pastel pink with ultimate opacity and princess-like talons!

- I love Sally Hansen's thick sturdy brushes and handles.
- Seriously opaque: only one coat suffices!
- The colour is such a pretty barbie pink, you can use this to add a girly touch to some quirky mismatch nail designs.
- Fast dry time
- Long-wearing and decently chip-resistant.
- Affooordable.

Keep reading, musers. There's more.

4. OPI Sweet Heart

A really lovely light nude-pastel pink. I have no idea what happened when I took the photo though.. I think the surrounding pinks bullied her so she felt forced to hide her pink-ness. (Why does she look yellow? She ain't yellow.)

- My go-to for a dainty, soft and subtle feminine look.
- I would like to take this point to remind everyone that I have yellow-undertoned skin and it is the hardest thing for me to find the PERFECT nude pink, but yup, this is the one.
- 3 coats works best for me.
- Great for Frenchies
- Makes my hands look whiter and more pretty. If that makes sense.
- Rather slow drying time and tends to chip relatively easily (as with ALL OPI's grr) but it's worth it because the colour is. SO. GORGEOUS.

5. The Face Shop PK101

For those who don't know (just in case I have some new readers who haven't tried Korean makeup brands), The Face Shop is a Korean cosmetics brand that has excellent prices and good quality products!

This baby.. well. The picture speaks for itself. The bottle, the colour, the name. It's all there. Need I say anything?

- Okay I shall.
- How it looks in the picture is what you get.
- Shiny gel-like finish.
- Quick dry-time.
- This colour is an in-between of the Butter London and YSL shades above.
- Reddish-pink with a pastel touch and jelly-like texture and look. (IOW not too harsh of a reddish pink)
- Brightens my skin and hands.

Sorry.  I think I need to fast from GIFs. 
(I had waaay too much fun when searching for them. Omg some of them are just...)


I'd love to know what your fave pinks are! Leave them in a comment on this post!

Have you tried any of the ones in this post?  

Now before I leave you guys with that brow guy up there (lol), my friend beautiful Lilian from good ol' Australia has also done a Top 5 Nail Polishes post on her own blog, so check it out! She also has a Youtube channel and has super long, luscious hair, so go on and watch some of her videos and show her some love!

Love you guys soo much and see you again - very soon! ^_^ If you have any blogpost requests or suggestions, leave them as a comment!


P.S. New makeup tutorial coming soon to my channel.. <3

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