Thursday, 5 February 2015

Are You Cleansing Properly? (My Cleansing Routine 2015)

Cleansing well is probably the most important thing in all your skin-lovin' endeavours.

The sad thing is, no matter how good or how hydrating your skincare routine is, if you don't cleanse effectively, you will get breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, rashes, and all sorts of unpleasantries that are just so unnecessary and oh so annoying!

So the question is: Are you cleansing properly?

Read on if you are ready for some confrontation :D

Here's my two cents: The better you cleanse, the better your skincare products will work
and the better your skincare products work, the better your makeup sits on your skin
and the better your makeup sits on your skin, the more you'll love putting on makeup
and the more you love putting on makeup, the more products you'll start to want to buy and try
....and so really this just means you'll be one poor gal at the end of the day (or dude) LOL

#convincing? #reversepsychology #gotcha 

HAHA jokes... kind of.

My hope is to convince you to start paying more attention to cleansing your makeup off more meticulously and caring for your skin. And I don't even want to get into the parasites that live and breed on your faceShould I? 


Maybe I should.

Okay here goes! *takes deep breath*
Get ready for these cute lil buggas!

Hope you have lovely dreams tonight! Oops! Hahaha! 
I know you love me!

Did You Know?

Did you know that skin conditions like rosacea may be caused by the faeces that these cuties leave on your skin?

Did you know that they feed off dirt and oils on your skin, so the longer you don't wash, the more they eat, breed and poop? #WASHDATFACESISTA

Did you know that if you don't wash your face before you sleep, they go onto your pillow cases, which can then cause breakouts cos you're rubbing on it all night? #WASHTHOSEPILLOWCASES

Did you know they get onto your clothes, and thus if you leave them unwashed in your closet for a while...... trust me you want to #WASHTHOSECLOTHES more often too :P

And finally, did you know that's why you really want to #CLEANYOURMAKEUPBRUSHES more often, and #SANITISEYOURMAKEUP regularly too? They transfer and breed there, and can cause eye, eyelash and mouth infections.
[I will do a 'How I Sanitise My Makeup' video one day soon on my channel, including how to sanitise gel pot liners and cream shadows. It's actually very simple - simpler than washing your brushes! :O (Would you like that?)]

Anyway, I'm no expert, but I do know those basics, and I wanted to motivate my lovely musers to never miss a cleansing session.

So now that we've got that cleared (phew! random tangent), time for my cleansing routine. I don't think I've ever really shared with you all my cleansing routine and the products I use to take off my makeup, so here you go! It's actually quite simple.. hahahaha.. #dontjudgeme (after that long lecture) #Idomybest

okay enough with the hashtags that don't even work lol


My Morning Cleansing Routine 

STEP 1 - The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

In the mornings, I don't have time for something elaborate, so I simply go in with my holy grail cleanser which I have been using for years and years (and years), ever since I worked at The Body Shop. It's so gentle but effective, cleanses deeply for my combination skin yet without stripping everything down to the skeleton lol. I think I am addicted to the refreshing smell and feeling of using this product, and though I strayed away many times to try and find something else, I always return to this like a lost lover. There are just no alternatives. MMKAY!? 

I use it together with my Clarisonic Mia 2 (Pink Body) with the Luxe Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head (mildest one) in order to get a deep, effective cleanse.

This is enough for me to get rid of any oil, dust, and cute (not) buggas that decided to move in whilst I slept during the night. I then progress onto my Morning Skincare Routine.

My Night-time Cleansing Routine

(When I've got on makeup:)

STEP 1 - L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover (For Waterproof Makeup)

I soak a Missha or Olive Young cotton pad and place over each eye for about 10 seconds. Then I gentle wipe down and up to clean off my eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and false lashes. (I don't tug off my falsies, in fact I didn't even know you could do that until I saw some people doing it on Youtube! Don't tug it off guys, use makeup remover until it loosens off by itself - you can pull out your real lashes over time and cause premature wrinkling.) I also use the leftovers to wipe off my brows.
This makeup remover is also like The Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser. I love it, try to stray away but always end up back. It's the best at removing waterproof makeup, especially the really tough dry mascara types that won't budge.

STEP 2 - Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes

I don't use this everyday, but most times, and when I have lots of makeup on,  I do. I take one towelette and wipe gently over the rest of my face to take off the large portion of foundation, blush etc. These are also my favourite makeup remover towels. It works very quickly, effectively, never irritates my eyes, and the fabric is soft on the skin (unlike some other makeup remover towels.... like the Body Shop one omg ouch.)

and - Etune Easy Touch Mascara Remover

I use this sometimes when I'm bored and feel like spending more time taking off my makeup....NOT haha. Honestly it's just a cool product so I like playing with it and I thought I'd show you guys. It's a Korean mascara remover where you basically apply it like an eyelash serum, wait 30 seconds, then wipe off with a cotton pad. Totally takes off mascara in a stitch. I think this is really good for your eyelashes and eyes because it reduces having to wipe harshly over and over with the above two steps. Recommended for those concerned about wrinkles around the eyes.

STEP 3 - Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

Most days this is my Step 2 - when I just have a very light layer of makeup on. I use one pump and rub it on my dry face, then work up a lather using warm water for about 20 seconds. I then wash it off with warm water. It takes off my face makeup well, but leaves a layer of grease on my skin which is why I didn't really like it at first, but I love it now since I use another cleanser after it anyway.

STEP 4 - The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash (with Clarisonic Mia 2 and Luxe Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head)

I dampen my face, dampen my Clarisonic Brush Head, then go in for about 40-60 seconds. This luxe cashmere brush head is superrrrr soft and gentle, though it was quite expensive in Korea, at $35. I originally used the standard soft brush head that came with the Clarisonic, but I felt it was too harsh on my skin and sometimes it left my skin feeling very scratched and abused lol. So I moved on to this and I don't regret it one bit! If you're having trouble liking your Clarisonic, it most likely is because the brush head doesn't suit your skin.

This step takes off ANY remaining traces of makeup completely. Can't even describe how clean it feels. Or how proud I am of getting that taken care of. #SAHFULFILLING #BUTSOMETIMESSOBOTHERSOME #IHATETOADMIT

Finally, with this all done, I dry my face and move onto My Night Skincare Routine.

Other Cleansing Products

-> Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub

Once or twice a week I use this scrub whilst showing, to get a good gentle scrub happening. This product is SO gentle and contains no harsh chemicals, pthalates, parabens and all those nasties. I really like it and have been using it for a while. I think I have a separate blogpost review on this entire line if you're interested. (I love the lip balm too)

-> Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask 

Once a week or fortnight I put on a layer of this good stuff to get a good deep cleanse and to prevent any breakouts. I love the smell and feeling of this. It spreads like heaven and is really effective.

So that's it for my cleansing routine! If I change up anything, I'll be sure to update you guys. Please be expecting a cleansing and skincare routine video in the next few months after we move place.

Hope this was helpful! Take care musers, and cheers to happy skin!

Love Jen xo

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Your turn! What do you currently use to cleanse your face?