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My Current Skincare Routine (2015)

Over my entire Youtube/blogging life, the most highly requested topic is my skincare routine. So today, I am finally revealing all the deets, alongside my full Cleansing Routine. Since I'm planning to film my updated skincare and cleansing routine video once we move in the next month or two, for now I've decided to update you all here <3


lol who doesn't love a bit of Fallon?

This routine has been working really well for me. I have normal with a slightly oily t-zone skin type. My house is very dry, and Korea is just very dry overall, so if you were to use all these products and you live in a humid climate, just a heads up that it could work differently for you.

So here's what I'm currently layering on those skincells! ;)

The following steps are applied after my daily cleansing routine at night:

STEP 1 - Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye Cream
I used to apply eye cream very last, but after some research last year I started putting it as the first step in my routine. I do like this eye cream, except for the tub and having to use a spatula to take out product. I personally like eye creams that come in squeeze tubes, but the formula is perfectly hydrating - not too light and not too heavy!
If you're not using an eye cream, I suggest this be the first thing to incorporate into your routine after reading this blogpost. It's never too early for eye cream since the eye area is the first place to start getting wrinkles. I can start to see some now and I'm only 25 :( Hehe

STEP 2 - Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence
Every second day, I apply this over the areas I'd like spot correcting or whitening - around my chin and mouth, on my cheeks, and on the sunspots on my chest. It hasn't made any drastic changes but I know that whitening takes persistent application, so I'm finishing the bottle for now. My skin has gone lighter from living in Korea where there is no sun hahaha, so I don't actually think it really is from this essence, though at first I really did think it was working (you may remember from my May faves video). Keep you guys in the knows.

STEP 3 - Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence
I pour a few drops of this essence in the palm of my hand and pat it gently over my face, avoiding the sensitive eye area. It's very refreshing and hydrating. I have reviewed and demonstrated this product in my Try It Tuesday Ep#12

STEP 4 - Su:m 37 Secret Programming Concentrate
I then apply this over my face, avoiding the eye area.  I have also reviewed and demonstrated this product in my Try It Tuesday Ep#12. This deeply hydrates my skin, so I usually wait a few minutes before the final step - or sometimes I skip the next step altogether and finish with a light mist of my Primavera Organic Rose Water Spray.

STEP 5 - Su:m37 Secret Repair Concentrated Cream or Belif Moisturising Bomb
As my last skincare step (apart from the Primavera Organic Rose Water Spray when I need an extra final boost, which I apply at random times throughout the day anyway), I either use the Su:m37 Secret Repair Concentrated Cream, which I have also reviewed and demonstrated in my Try It Tuesday Ep12, or the Belif Moisturizing Bomb.

I absolutely loooove the Belif Moisturising Bomb, and I've heard they will soon be available in Sephoras too! This moisturiser is one of LG's best selling products and I can see why. It's light weight, silky smooth, smells gentle yet fresh and hydrates without being greasy at all. It's a product that makes you actually want to lather it over your face because it feels so pleasant.

The Su:m37 Secret Repair Concentrated Cream is also excellent, but I recommend this for those with dry skin, or are beginning to use anti-wrinkle products (ages 30 and up). It extremely hydrating, very creamy, smooth, and smells beautiful - like oranges amongst a paddock of flowers and rainforest trees. (Did that make sense?) A little goes a long way, as I mentioned in the video, and so it's well worth your money. I actually think that this is the perfect gift for mums or anyone who really needs a pick-me-up living a stressed and busy life. If you don't have time for a tonne of products, this cream truly makes a difference to your skin even just by itself.

STEP 6 - Shiseido Professional Adenovital Eyelash Serum
Lastly, I apply this over my upper and lower lashes, as well as the eyelid area where my roots are. Although it's not really skincare, I know you guys would be interested anyway, so I included it here! You would probably have seen me mention this many times on my social media by now - I am doing a 4-week trial using this serum on my lashes every morning and night, and updating my Twitter followers with weekly photos of my lashes. This has seriously made my lashes thicker and stronger. Although I can't really tell if they're longer (at 3 weeks of using the product), a lot of my followers have said they definitely look longer than at Week 1!

Have a look at my Twitter posts and follow me if you'd like to see. 
Here's my recent post if you're wondering:

What do you think? Do they look longer?
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My Morning Skincare Routine 

-> Frostines Romaliv Source 
I use this in my morning routine, in place of Steps 2 & 3, then move straight to moisturiser! The reason is because I don't want my skin to be overly moisturised during the day, which can cause my foundation to get patchy due to oil. I like to focus my skincare routine on the nighttime to replenish and be restored as I sleep.

I place two pumps on a cotton pad and gentle wipe in an outwards motion from my nose all around my face (including the eyes). For the mornings, my eye cream moves to the last step so I can use the cold Frostines Romaliv Source straight from my makeup fridge first, allow them to settle and depuff a  little, before applying any products.


"WHAT?! You don't use toner???"

I know you guys will be asking this! Many people have inquired about this on my Youtube videos.
No, I don't use toner atm! It's funny because my skin actually does very well without it when I use the above essences and the Romaliv Source in place of toner! I also take care to cleanse my skin well beforehand which I think makes a huge difference.

However, when my skin is breaking out, I do use the Carezone Doctor Solution A-Cure Clarifying Toner (such a long name) prior to my essences. Korean skincare typically don't have toners in the steps, but the 'water's, 'lotion's or 'essence's usually include the function of a toner in them. I know a lot of people have expressed confusion about this to me, so I hope this clears it up. You can usually use the first step of Korean skincare to act as a toner. It kind of multi-tasks!

WOOHOOOOOOO finally updated my skincare routine y'all!

So there you have it. I'm really enjoying these products! If I find anything better or something to recommend even more, I'll be sure to let you all know. So yes.. it could be different by the time I make my skincare routine video, since I try out different products all the time. We shall see :)

And, in case you still haven't seen my Su:m37 review video, here you go!

Love Jen xo

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Your Turn! What do you use on your skin these days? Tell me in the comments below!

FYI: The Su:m37, Frostines, and Belif products were gifted to me by the companies. I decided to incorporate them into my routine because of personal liking. I have not been paid or endorsed to mention them or to write this blogpost! All opinions expressed are completely mine.